Digital Bedrock Preservation Storage

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  • Secure, managed, and trusted digital preservation services in a hack-free architecture.
  • Offline storage on LTO data tape
  • Three copies of each file located in three separate geographic locations
  • Preservation quality storage, including technical metadata, file format obsolescence checks, and regular fixity checks
  • 20% discount on annual storage services

Product Description:
Digital Bedrock provides long term preservation storage ???for born digital and digitized materials. All files are stored on LTO data tape, a secure, offline storage option. It’s more than just storage: files are monitored for obsolescence with scheduled health checks.

Files are stored on three (3) LTO7 tape copies in three (3) separate geographic locations, so that if something happens in one location, the files can be restored from another location. Offline storage prevents unauthorized access.

Digital Bedrock provides each client with the tools to help members select their files for long-term preservation, stores their files, and monitor their files regularly to make sure nothing happens to them in the future. It acts as your digital preservation staff and infrastructure. Members save approximately 20% on annual storage costs.

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