Open Educational Resources (OER) Advocacy Crash Course

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OER Advocacy Crash Course will prepare attendees to implement OER advocacy campaigns on their campus. The class will focus on advocacy communication centered on audience, messaging, and framing. Attendees will be presented with communication best practices and examples of student advocacy initiatives to inspire actions that best fit their institutional context. This interactive presentation will equip attendees with basic advocacy communication skills and encourage attendees to take action by leaving the session with established actions to implement at their institution next week, in one month, and in six months. Attendees will be provided with an advocacy campaign worksheet that they can begin to complete during the class or later as “homework” when developing plans for actions on their campus.

Attendees will be asked to fill out a half page worksheet and voluntarily share information regarding campus partnerships and individual goals in a form prior to the class in order to help the instructor shape the presentation for the attendees.

Participants will:

  • Gain basic advocacy communication skills
  • Learn about various OER advocacy campaigns and action styles
  • Apply class skills to develop a campaign action plan for their institution

Instructor: Chealsye Bowley

Chealsye Bowley is the Director of Open Education and Learning Innovation for the Colorado Department of Higher Education working on Open Access and Open Educational Resources initiatives. She holds a Master's in Library and Information Studies from Florida State University, a MSc in Science, Technology, and Society from University College London, and is a passionate advocate for Open scholarship. Her favorite thing to chat about is copyright law. She has previously worked for Florida Gulf Coast University, Texas Woman's University, and Ubiquity Press. Outside of work, she enjoys baking, canning jam, and making miniatures.

Academic library: 4 year and graduate; Academic library: 2 year
Time: All live online classes are in Eastern time.