So what can you do with AI in libraries?

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You can’t read the news these days without coming across AI, but what is it, and what can it do in libraries? In this session, we’ll cover some basic definitions of AI (no programming skills required!). Then we’ll explore real-world examples of AI applications in libraries, spanning cataloging, discovery, and community engagement. Finally, we’ll touch on ethical concerns. You’ll leave with a sense of what it takes for a library to do AI and where you can go to learn more.

At the end of the session, participants should be able to:

  • Define artificial intelligence
  • Discuss real-world library use cases for AI.
  • Identify potential ethical pitfalls with AI applications.
  • Take next steps in their AI-learning journey.

Instructor: Andromeda Yelton

Andromeda Yelton ( is a software engineer and librarian investigating humanistic applications of machine learning, and an adjunct faculty member at the San Jose State University School of Information. In the past she has written code for the Berkman Klein Center, the MIT Libraries, the Wikimedia Foundation, bespoke knitting patterns ( and library space usage analytics (http://, among other things. Previously, she was a jack of all trades at the openlicensed-ebook startup; taught Latin to middle school boys; and was a member of the Ada Initiative advisory board. She has a BS in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College, an MA in Classics from Tufts, and an MLS from Simmons. She’s a 2010 LITA/Ex Libris Student Writing awardee and a 2011 ALA Emerging Leader. She is was formerly President of the Library & Information Technology Association and a listener contestant on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.

Academic library: 4 year and graduate; Academic library: 2 year; Public Library
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