Introduction to IT Security for Libraries and Librarians

This is an introduction to IT Security for Libraries and Librarians. Taught in four 45 minutes classes every Thursday in March starting March 10th.

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We all know we should use good passwords, keep everything updated and follow other basic precautions online. Understanding the reasons behind these rules is critical to help us convince ourselves and others that the extra work is indeed worth it. Who are the bad guys? What are tools are they using? What are they after? Where are they working? How are they doing it? Why are we all targets? We'll talk about how to stay safe at the library and at home.

Join Blake Carver, Systems Administrator at LYRASIS to learn strategies for IT security. We'll talk ways to keep your precious data safe inside the library and out -- securing your network, website, and PCs, and tools you can teach to patrons in computer classes. We’ll tackle security myths, passwords, tracking, malware, and more, covering a range of tools and techniques, making this session ideal for any library staff.

Week One: The If When Who What When Where How and Whys of IT Security

  • Who and How and What
  • Why is this all important
  • Privacy & Security in general
  • The 5 basic things that make a big difference

Week Two: Out Running The Bear
  • Passwords & 2 Factor Authentication
  • Securing Devices Mobile/Desktop - OS & Everything
  • Browsers & Tor
  • Email
  • Staying Safe On-line (General Tips)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Social Media

Week Three: Security in Libraries
  • Training: Thinking & Behavior
  • Threat Modeling
  • Hardware and Networks

Week Four: The Hidden World Of Systems Security
  • Web Servers and Networks
  • Backups
  • Drupal and Wordpress and Joomla
  • Servers in general

Instructor: Blake Carver

Blake Carver (, M.L.S., is the systems administrator at LYRASIS.. He has been speaking about IT security for several years. Blake holds an MLS from SUNY Buffalo, and has worked as an academic librarian, at a startup, and as a records manager.

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