Coping with COVID Trauma in the Workplace

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All of us experienced some level of trauma during the COVID pandemic. In this class, learn how people typically react to trauma, and then think about behavior that traumatized people could bring with them to work. Translate your understanding into specific steps to address and heal COVID trauma. Participants will apply what they learn to their own workplaces during interactive segments of the workshop.

This class will be beneficial to directors, faculty, managers, supervisors, and staff. No prior knowledge of psychology or trauma required.

Learning Outcomes

Understand how trauma affects people and extend that knowledge to specific effects from the COVID pandemic.
Identify behaviors that traumatized people could display at work.
Understand methods for addressing and healing COVID-related trauma behavior, and develop some steps to take in their own workplaces.

Instructor: Shelley Harper

Shelley Harper worked in academic libraries for ten years. Most recently, she was the head of instruction at Colorado College. She published articles and a book chapter on instruction, and presented at state and international conferences. In her first career, Shelley was a clinical social worker and psychotherapist working with adult trauma survivors. Currently, Shelley lives in beautiful Colorado and writes about information, instruction, addictions, and genealogy.

Public library; Academic library: 4 year and graduate; Academic library: 2 year
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