Teaching the Next Generation to Participate in Open Source Communities

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Oregon State University Libraries & Press have a small number of students employees hired each year to work with our web services and development teams. As part of their preparation, we have instituted a 3-month training period, where we teach our students programming languages used heavily in library Open Source communities, how to use version control, how to engage in an agile programming environment, and how to get involved with Open Source communities.

During this hour long session, Evviva Weinraub Lajoie, the Director of Emerging Technologies & Services at Oregon State University Libraries & Press, will walk you through how she set this training program up at her institution, the learning goals and outcomes associated with this kind of experiential learning, and some of the skills and philosophies you're providing your students to help them thrive in a collaborative, open, and consensus driven environment – like those found in Open Source communities.

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