CollectionSpace Community Collections Spotlight

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Trying to cram information about time-based and born-digital artworks into a museum collections management system that wasn’t built for it can be tough. In this Community Spotlight webinar, Regina Harsanyi, and Miranda Hambro, from the Museum of the Moving Image (MoMI) will share the work they’ve done designing extensions for CollectionSpace to improve support for cataloging, description, and exhibition of born-digital and time-based works. MoMI staff will share information about the standards and references used to develop the draft requirements. They will share the process of working with the CollectionSpace program team to finalize the new field list, create and workshop wireframes, and prepare the extension for inclusion in an upcoming CollectionSpace release. This webinar is part of the “Community Collections Spotlight” series.


Megan Forbes is the ProgramManager for CollectionSpace. Forbes leads the day-to-day operations of the CollectionSpace organizational home, including community outreach, planning, and coordination with other LYRASIS programs. She also serves as the primary liaison with the museum community to raise awareness and foster adoption of CollectionSpace and the organizational home services that support it. Forbes has been a part of the CollectionSpace team since its inception in 2008 and holds deep knowledge of the system and its functional design. She has a MA in Library and Information Studies from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and a BA in Economics and History from Emory University.

Regina Harsanyi is passionate about improving and educating others on best practices for the longevity of variable media. A graduate of New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts, Harsanyi has primarily focused on the topic of time-based media art from historical and technical perspectives in both private and public sectors. She has led major time-based media preventive conservation projects for multiple institutions, studios, and collectors, including but not limited to Museum of the Moving Image, bitforms gallery, and Leo Villareal. From 2017-2020, Harsanyi also facilitated over 200 exhibitions across 26 locations under Wallplay, many of which highlighted the legitimacy of creative technology. She remains dedicated to creating interdisciplinary bridges between academia, museums, collectors, corporations, and artists to better serve the longevity of complex works of art.

Miranda Hambro is the Collections Manager/Registrar at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York. She has a bachelor’s degree in Art History and Anthropology from the University of Washington, Seattle, and a Master’s degree in Museum Studies from University College London’s Institute of Archaeology. She has worked at various museums, archives and other arts institutions for over 20 years, usually deep in the guts of their collections databases.

State library and/or archives agency; Network/consortia; Public library; Academic library: 4 year and graduate; Special Library; Museum; Academic library: 2 year; Government library; Archives; Historical Society / Site; Special Collections
This webinar is presented in Eastern time.