LYRASIS Leadership Forum: A Community Dialogue

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This year’s theme is Experiments in Innovation.

This is our third year of the Leaders Forums. Last year we hosted 6 across the country, and we will be hosting five in 2018, all leading to our LYRASIS Member Summit - October 24-25. Last year we had fantastic discussions, which led to the creation of our Leaders Circle and $100,000 Catalyst Fund. This year, we’re excited to continue those discussions and create even more programs to directly impact libraries, archives and museums into the future. Our theme will be experiments in innovation. We’ll discuss test and try successes and nonfindings in innovation based in the four corners of our industry: process, technology, content and community.

Please note that the regional Forums gather together local leaders from archives, museums and libraries to discuss trends, topics and issues and how can we all work together as a group to find resolution and build a greater network. You do not have to be a LYRASIS member to attend.

During this session, we will be covering:

Case Studies of real-world successes/challenges by library/archive/museum leaders
Synergies between libraries, archives and museums - where are the overlaps? Where are the differences? How can we leverage shared experience for better outcomes across fields?
Technology, Open Content, Open Access Solutions - where have we come since last year? New developments and challenges? What’s next?

The format will be 9am-3pm (Pacific Time) face-to-face meeting limited to about 30-35 local leaders. The day will be broken into 40-50 minutes sessions and include presentations on real, on the ground projects from participants and experts as well as brief overviews by senior LYRASIS staff on the state of the community as we see it. And then the fun begins, with an engaging, fast-paced conversation among all the attendees. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing you and the ideas that will spring out of this gathering!

Key influencer in the archive, library, museum community. Passionate about topics such as leadership, change agents, out of the box resolutions, access, content, open source, new technologies and sustainability. Leader Circle Members, Movers & Shakers, senior leaders, Directors, Deans as an example. LYRASIS Members and nonmembers are welcome.
This session is presented in Eastern time.

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