Working Together Better: Group Dynamics and Conflict Facilitation

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Being a team player isn’t always as easy as it sounds for lots of reasons.

Sometimes it seems like you could work more effectively if you completed a project on your own.
Disagreements and misunderstandings occur with colleagues.
Meetings are commandeered by one person and others can’t get a word in edgewise.
Conflicts are ignored or mismanaged.

Although there is no magic formula to insure conflict-free interactions, this webinar will suggest some strategies that can be used to improve communication and minimize conflicts. Research proves that the decisions and products made by a group that practices effective communication techniques are consistently better than those made by individuals. The Abilene Paradox, GroupThink, and the Nominal Group Technique will be offered as models to recognize and avoid group pitfalls, and suggestions for improving group or committee work will be offered.

Participants will learn some techniques for:

Ways to effectively handle a meeting
Handling conflicts
Techniques for responding to the anger of others

Instructor: Dr. Susan Alman

Dr. Sue Alman teaches courses in Interpersonal Communications and Marketing and Public Relations for Libraries at San Jose State University School of Information, and she has held a variety of positions at the University of Pittsburgh, University of Michigan, and different types of libraries. Her areas of specialization include interpersonal communication, marketing and public relations, group dynamics, and foresight and strategic planning. Residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Sue teaches, writes, consults, and is currently involved in an IMLS-funded investigation of the possible uses of blockchain technology in libraries and information organizations. Among her many publications, Crash Course in Marketing for Libraries, 2nd edition, provides librarians with the tools to promote their resources and services to users and non-users, and to become powerful advocates for increased library support.

Academic library: 2 year, Academic library: 4 year and graduate, Public Library, Special Collections, Special Library, State library and/or archives agency.
This webinar is presented in Eastern time.

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