Moving the Library Outdoors and Bringing Safety In: The Benefits of Nature Based Space Planning in Our Pandemic World

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a large shift in how our library spaces are constructed to serve our communities. Not only are we faced with trying to ensure the safety of our users, we now are trying to create environments that are comfortable and inviting despite the stress the pandemic has caused. Experts are recommending that outdoor spaces be created for users because air circulation is a strategy to mitigate COVID-19.

Join this session to learn how to create outdoor spaces and the health benefits of bringing nature, also called biomimicry, into the library as a strategy to combat the mental strain of COVID-19. Safety best practices will be provided to keep users safe both outdoors and inside of your institution.

Who should attend?

This session would be a good fit for you if you are charged with decision-making in reopening a building that serves students, the public, or other groups of people who will need to use your space in new ways to stay safe in the pandemic.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the session, participants should be able to:

Identify appropriate guidelines to follow for creating outdoor library spaces
Understand the mental benefits of biomimicry in space design
Incorporate methods of biomimicry into indoor user spaces, while practicing social distancing and other safety measures to combat COVID-19

Instructor: Katy Klettlinger

Katy Klettlinger, Outreach Representative and Consultant, serves states in the Mid-Atlantic region and has over fifteen years' experience in archival, government, and public library settings in Ohio. Previously, Klettlinger was a Library Consultant for the State Library of Ohio where she assisted public libraries with digitization, space planning, and strategic planning. Before coming to the State Library, Klettlinger worked for six years as the Records Manager and Archivist for Licking County Government where she built the county's program from the ground up and created its first county-wide digitization program. Her background in archival and digitization management for government settings in addition to public library needs provides unique perspectives for librarians to consider when offering quality services to their patrons. Katy takes pride in supporting colleagues and helping them succeed. Katy serves libraries in the Mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes.

Academic library: 2 year; Academic library: 4 year and graduate; Public Library
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