Picture This: Introduction to Digital Imaging

In this class, we will discuss the issues to consider and best practices to follow in creating digital images.

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This class taught in two, two-hour sessions over the course of two days. This online class will help you lay some of the basic groundwork needed to understand how digital images are created. In the class we will define our terms, discuss creating master, access and thumbnail images and quality control procedures. The class will discuss hardware, software and image delivery. The class will also take a look at what can be achieved with the digital imaging best practices recommended in this class.
Learning Outcomes

  • Identify standards and best practices for digital image capture
  • Plan quality control workflows at their site
  • Define digital imaging vocabularies 

          Instructor: Leigh Grinstead

          Leigh Grinstead has more than 20 years of experience working in museums, overseeing collections and conducting collection inventories. During her nearly half decade with the Collaborative Digitization Program (CDP) Leigh's love of project management, grants work and administration has been well tested. She has extensive experience in digital projects. Her years working with museum collections gave her the drive to be a hands-on advocate for digitization, and her project management experience has allowed her to add discipline to the planning, budgeting, implementation and analysis stages of digitization projects. In addition, Leigh has been responsible for training many library and cultural heritage professionals in the use of digital technologies, including CONTENTdm. Leigh currently conducts in-person, as well as online courses. She has also managed National Endowment for Humanities and Institute for Museum and Library Services grants, including the Colorado Statewide Connecting to collections grant; and is consulting on three others. She is well versed in collaborative techniques and is an enthusiastic and highly skilled professional. LYRASIS is thrilled to have her on staff to support libraries, archives and others as they discover, share and experience the benefits of digitization.

          Frequency: offered 1 time a year, Winter

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