Digitization Basics: Digital Planning for Today

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This workshop will help your institution get started in the development of a digital program. The workshop covers tools you can use for digital capture; basic hardware, software, and metadata issues; use of in-house or outsourced services to digitize; collaborative digitization; and practical planning decisions for staffing and budgeting for digital activities.

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The workshop covers essential questions that will need to be answered in order to create a sustainable digital program. We will discuss mission, vision, audience development, copyright, and collection selection. The instructor will share digital project management planning strategies and will review topics such as best practices for capture, metadata, delivery and storage. We will cover basic information about hardware, and software necessary, and how to determine if in-house or outsourced services make sense. Finishing the day with practical planning tips for staffing, fundraising, and budgeting of digital activities.

Learning Outcomes:
Identify appropriate standards and best practices for digital capture, delivery, storage, and metadata
Explain to staff and administration at their institutions the core elements of a digital plan
Locate appropriate citations and resources for the creation of digital program planning policies and procedures

Instructor: Leigh Grinstead

Leigh Grinstead has more than 20 years of experience working in museums, overseeing collections and conducting collection inventories. She has extensive experience in digital projects. Her years working with museum collections gave her the drive to be a hands-on advocate for digitization, and her project management experience has allowed her to add discipline to the planning, budgeting, implementation and analysis stages of digitization projects. In addition, Leigh has been responsible for training many library and cultural heritage professionals in the use of digital technologies. Leigh currently conducts in-person, as well as online courses. She is well versed in collaborative techniques and is an enthusiastic and highly skilled professional. LYRASIS is thrilled to have her on staff to support libraries, archives and others as they discover, share and experience the benefits of digitization.

Those just starting a digitization program or those who want to review digitization practices. Program or collection managers and administrators are all welcome.
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