Originally established as the Colorado Digitization Project in 1999, the CDP later evolved into the Collaborative Digitization Program, earning national recognition for its collaborative digitization expertise. The CDP merged into BCR in April 2007, creating BCR's CDP. In 2010 BCR established a partnership with LYRASIS which hosts and has added new resources for practitioners working in the areas of digitization and preservation. The best practices and digital toolbox materials came from the Collaborative Digitization Program's website. Links to other ongoing collaborative digitization projects focused on cultural heritage materials, articles, and documents about specific projects are available below. 

Collaborative Digitization Programs in the United States

This site provides links to ongoing collaborative digitization projects that focus on cultural heritage materials. Articles and documents about specific projects are also noted.

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Alaska's Digital Archive


Arizona Memory Project​​


California Digital Library


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District of Columbia

WRLC Libraries Digital and Special Collections 


PALMM: Publication of Archival, Library & Museum Materials

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Digital Library of Georgia


Columbia River Basin Ethnic History Archive


Digital Past

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Illinois Digital Archives

Upper Mississippi Valley Digital Image Archive [Iowa/Illinois border]


Indiana Memory


Iowa Heritage Digital Collections

Upper Mississippi Valley Digital Image Archive [Iowa/Illinois border]


Western Trails


Kentuckiana Digital Library

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LOUISiana Digital Library


Maine Memory Network

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Windows on Maine [Video On Demand]


Maryland Digital Cultural Heritage


Massachusetts Digital Commonwealth

Northeast Massachusetts Digital Library


Making of Modern Michigan

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Minnesota Reflections

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Mississippi Digital Library


Missouri Digital Heritage


Montana Memory Project


Nebraska Memories

Nebraska Western Trails


Nevada Digital Initiative

Mountain West Digital Library

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New Jersey

New Jersey Digital Highway

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New Mexico

Online Archive of New Mexico

New York

Digital Metro New York​

Hudson River Valley Heritage

New York Heritage

North Carolina

North Carolina ECHO Newsletter

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Ohio Memory

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Oklahoma Heritage Online 


Columbia River Basin Ethnic History Archive

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Access Pennsylvania Digital Repository

Historic Pittsburgh

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South Carolina

South Carolina Digital Library

South Dakota

Digital Library of South Dakota

South Dakota Memory


Volunteer Voices


Texas Digital Library

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Texas Heritage Online

Texas Tides

The Portal to Texas History

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Mountain West Digital Library

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Virginia Memory


Columbia River Basin Ethnic History Archive

King County Snapshots

Washington State Digital Libraries Portal


State of Wisconsin Collection

Recollection Wisconsin​


Wyoming Memory

Regional Projects

Related Sites

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