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Preservation Toolbox

LYRASIS is dedicated to helping cultural heritage institutions manage and preserve their collections. By providing resources and links to standards and best practice in preservation management, preservation training and project consulting, we are able to supply valuable support and assistance to you and your staff, regardless of the size and scope of your needs.

The Preservation Toolbox includes an array of LYRASIS leaflets and other links to trustworthy preservation information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance with project-specific questions or for more information about resources and training.

If you are interested in digitization and digital preservation of analog and digital materials, please go to the LYRASIS Digital Toolbox.

Services and Supplies

Services and Supplies is a collection of vendors who provide supplies, equipment, and services for conservation and preservation activities in libraries and archives. Inclusion in this list does not imply LYRASIS endorsement, nor does the omission of any supplier indicate censure.

Servicesand Supplies​​ (pdf)



Note: To access publications in PDF format, you may download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. 



LYRASIS: Cooperative Preservation Programs: Selected Bibliography (pdf)

LYRASIS: Funding Resources for Preservation (pdf)

LYRASIS: Library and Archives Preservation: Selected Bibliography (pdf)

LYRASIS: Preservation Budget Planning (pdf)

LYRASIS: Preservation Planning: Selected Bibliography (pdf)

LYRASIS: Resources for Preservation Staff and User Education (pdf)

ALCTS: Education Directory

Collections Care

LYRASIS: Collections Conservation: Selected Bibliography (pdf)

LYRASIS: Collections Conservation: Selected Bibliography (pdf)

LYRASIS: Collections Conservation: Selected Bibliography (pdf)

LYRASIS: Collections Conservation: Selected Bibliography (pdf)

LYRASIS: Services and Supplies (pdf)

LYRASIS: Services and Supplies (pdf)

LYRASIS: Handling Books In General Collections (pdf)

LYRASIS: How to Enhance Your Library Binding (pdf)

LYRASIS: Library Binding: Selected Bibliography (pdf)

LYRASIS: Preservation of Photographs: Selected Bibliography (pdf)

LYRASIS: Preservation Recording, Copying and Storage Guidelines for Audio Tape Collection (pdf)

LYRASIS: Under Construction: Preservation and Collections Care Issues (pdf)


Disaster Planning

LYRASIS: Cold Storage of Photographic and Film Materials (pdf)

LYRASIS: Contents of a Disaster Plan (pdf)

LYRASIS: Decision-Making Tree for Disaster Recovery (pdf)

LYRASIS: Disaster Preparedness and Recovery: Selected Bibliography (pdf)

LYRASIS: Disaster Prevention and Protection Checklist (pdf)

LYRASIS: Disaster Recovery Services and Supplies (pdf)

LYRASIS: Comparison of Drying Techniques for Water-Damaged Books and Records (pdf)

LYRASIS: Drying Wet Books and Records (pdf)

LYRASIS: Emergency Services Checklist (pdf)

LYRASIS: In-House Supply Stockpile Checklist (pdf)

LYRASIS: Invasion of the Giant Mold Spore (pdf)

LYRASIS: Protecting Your Institution from Wildfires (pdf)

SoGA: Shelter from the Stormy Blast (pdf)



LYRASIS: Environmental Control Services and Supplies (pdf)

LYRASIS: Environmental Specifications for the Storage of Library & Archival Materials (pdf)

LYRASIS: Pest Control: Selected Bibliography (pdf)


Reformatting and Digital

LYRASIS: Contents of a Digital Preservation Policy (pdf)

LYRASIS: Creating and Preserving Digital Collections: Selected Bibliography (pdf)

LYRASIS: Digital Imaging Services (pdf)

LYRASIS: Reformatting Services (pdf)

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Leaflets in Spanish/Hojas en Español


Preservación General

LYRASIS: Como Mejorar el Proceso de Encuadernación en Su Biblioteca (pdf)

LYRASIS: Especificaciones Ambientales para el Almacenamiento de Materiales de Bibliotecas y Archivos (pdf)

LYRASIS: Lineamientos de Preservación de Grabaciones, Duplicación, y Almacenamiento para Colecciones de Cintas de Audio (pdf)

LYRASIS: Planeación del Presupuesto para Preservación (pdf)

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Preservación Desastres

LYRASIS: Contenido del Plan de Prevención de Desastres (pdf)

LYRASIS: El Manejo de los Libros en Colecciones Generales (pdf)

LYRASIS: Esquema de Toma de Decisión para Recuperación de Desastres (pdf)

LYRASIS: Lista de Existencias en el Almacén de las Instalaciones (pdf)

LYRASIS: Lista de Servicios de Emergencia (pdf)

LYRASIS: Preparación para Prevención y Recuperación de Desastres Bibliografia Selecta (pdf)

LYRASIS: Preservación en Bibliotecas y archivos: Bibliografia Selecta (pdf)

LYRASIS: Prevención y Protección contra Desastres: Lista de Inspección (pdf)

LYRASIS: Processo de Planeación contra Desastres (pdf)

LYRASIS: Secado de Libros y Documentos Mojados (pdf)

LYRASIS: Técnicas de Secado de Libros y Documentos Mojados (pdf)

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