What is Lyrasis Learning?

Designed and built with direct input from the Lyrasis membership community, Lyrasis Learning is a professional development solution that impacts the entire library, archive or museum with online training that focuses on practical knowledge and understanding in rapidly evolving technological landscapes. Lyrasis Learning is provided as a benefit to Lyrasis members, who can receive unlimited access to our live, online webinars and our Learning Library. Our live webinars cover topics including preservation, digitization and metadata, and we are actively developing classes in new content areas. The Learning Library includes recordings of our past live classes that you can watch at your convenience.

All staff at a subscribing institution can access everything in Lyrasis Learning, making training more accessible and affordable for staff across your institution.

What live online classes are coming up?

See our schedule of online classes.

If we are a Lyrasis member, can every staff member access the Learning Library and live webinars?

Yes, every staff member at a member institution can access the Learning Library. If you are a library that is a part of a larger entity, such as a university, this includes library staff, not all university staff.

How can I become a member to get access to Lyrasis Learning?

Find out more about becoming a Lyrasis member. 

Does my institution have to be a Lyrasis member to subscribe?


If my institution is not a Lyrasis member, can I still register for a class I am interested in? 

Yes, you can take a class “a la carte.” You will pay the class fee to register.

How many new classes are added each year? 

We develop about 20 new classes each year. We also offer some classes more than once in a year, so subscribers have an opportunity to attend a live session and interact with instructors. In total, there are over 100 live, online sessions offered every year. Access to every live session is included in an annual Lyrasis Learning subscription. View our live online class schedule to see what’s coming up soon. 

How often is the Learning Library updated? 

The Learning Library is updated with new recordings monthly. Every class that occurred in the last month is added to the Learning Library. There are no limitations on access to recorded classes for members. 

How can I apply to teach with Lyrasis? 

We are always seeking new instructors to develop live, online classes. Complete this form to tell us about yourself. 

Do you provide certificates of completion for live, online classes? 

Yes, if you request one. You can request a certificate of completion, which includes the class title and the number of hours of the class, when you complete your evaluation for the class. You will receive a link to the evaluation after the class. The certificate is virtual, and you will be able to access it through our certificate platform, as a PDF, and/or as a badge you can add to your LinkedIn profile. 

What is the deadline for registering for a live, online class? 

Participants must register at least one hour before the start of the live session. One hour notice is required to ensure that participants receive the link for the live session and are able to log in. 

Can I access a recording of a live, online class later? 

If your institution is a Lyrasis member, all recorded classes are available in the Learning Library

In addition, those who are registered for a live session will receive a link to a recording of the class. The link will be sent in an email to the registrant after the end of the live session.

Can I browse what's available in the Learning Library? 

Yes! Visit the Learning Library to view free sessions, such as Copyright 101 or past Lyrasis events, and check out what's available through a Lyrasis membership.  

What platform do you use for your live, online classes? 

We use Zoom Webinars. If you have any issues with the platform, please email us at es@lyrasis.org.

FAQs for Lyrasis Members

What do I have access to if my institution is a Lyrasis member? 

Register for any of our live classes, and you can access the Learning Library

Visit https://lyrasis.aviaryplatform.com/ to view recorded classes. 

How do I register for a live class? 

Find the class you’d like to register for. Click Register, and then check out as a non-member (even if you are a member). Enter your information, and your Lyrasis Learning promo code. Contact es@lyrasis.org if you don't know your promo code. When you submit your promo code, the price for the class should be adjusted to $0, and you can check out from there without payment.  

How do I access the Learning Library? 

Visit the Learning Library, and if you've never logged in before, click Login, then Join now. When you register, use your email address associated with your institution, to be sure you have access to everything included in your subscription. Contact es@lyrasis.org for help accessing the Learning Library.

What is the EZProxy Stanza for the Learning Library?

Title Lyrasis Learning (updated 20210816)
URL https://lyrasis.aviaryplatform.com/
HJ https://learninglibrary.lyrasis.org
HJ https://lyrasis.aviaryplatform.com
DJ lyrasis.org
DJ aviaryplatform.com

How do I retrieve my password or registration promo code if I forget it? 

Contact es@lyrasis.org to request your code for registering for live, online classes. 

Use the Forgot Password function in the Learning Library (available when you click Login) to reset your Learning Library password.