What is LYRASIS Learning?

Your institution can subscribe to LYRASIS Learning to receive unlimited access to our live, online webinars and our Learning Library. Our live webinars cover topics including preservation, digitization, and metadata, and we are actively developing classes in new content areas. The Learning Library includes recordings of our past live classes that you can watch at your convenience.

All staff at a subscribing institution can access everything in LYRASIS Learning, making training more accessible and affordable for staff across your institution.

What classes are available in the Learning Library?

See the list of classes in the Learning Library here.

What live online classes are coming up?

See our schedule of online classes

What new classes will you be adding to LYRASIS Learning?

View a list of confirmed new classes for 2018 here. This list is not comprehensive and additional sessions will be added to the schedule as we respond to member needs and emerging areas of interest.

As we continue to build content to add to LYRASIS Learning, our class development efforts will focus on 4 main categories:

Content Solution classes focus on topics such as licensing and negotiation, and scholarly communications.

Leadership and Emerging Trends classes focus on training to enhance participants’ understanding of leadership and management concepts and skills.

Preservation Solutions classes focus on caring for your analog or digital collections to facilitate long-term access to collections.

Technology classes focus on training to further your technical skills related to digital collections, or help you plan a digital project. Technology classes also cover new technologies and the relationships between libraries and technologies.

If my institution subscribes, can every staff member access the Learning Library and live webinars?  

Yes, every staff member at a subscribing institution can access the Learning Library. If you are a library that is a part of a larger entity, such as a university, this includes library staff, not all university staff.

How can I get a quote for subscribing to LYRASIS Learning?

Please complete the form here. If you have any questions, please contact your Member Outreach Librarian or write es@lyrasis.org

Can non-members subscribe to LYRASIS Learning?

No. LYRASIS Learning is only available to member of LYRASIS. To learn more about joining LYRASIS, click here or contact membership@lyrasis.org