​What if you could send your entire team to all the training they want or need?

What if you could send your entire staff to the same class at their convenience?

What if you could confidently manage the professional development needs of your staff once per year instead of class by class?


Based on your direct input, LYRASIS has created a new way for you to give your staff all the training they need to keep their skills ahead of the curve. LYRASIS Learning is a continuing education platform that will give you access to the entire catalog of LYRASIS archived training as well as unlimited live classes. For an annual price that can be easily added to your LYRASIS membership fee, you can access our wide array of learning opportunities for your entire staff all year long.

Interested in teaching with LYRASIS? We are always seeking out new instructors. Complete this form to tell us about yourself.​

LYRASIS Learning Pricing

LYRASIS Institution Tier
Annual LYRASIS Learning Subscription: Live Classes & Learning Library
Annual Learning Library Only Subscription
​Tier 1
​$799 ​$599
​Tier 2
​$999 ​$749
​Tier 3
​$1,499 ​$1,124
​Tier 4
​$1,999 ​$1,499

“LYRASIS Learning has become a foundational piece of our library's professional development initiatives. There are relevant sessions available for personnel at all levels of experience. It is a particularly wonderful resource for newly-hired staff who have little or no previous library experience.”

- Arkansas State University, LYRASIS Learning subscriber

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