In an abundance of caution, we are postponing all Forums. We will reschedule these at a later date.

The Leaders Forums theme this year is "In focus". Now that LYRASIS and DuraSpace has merged, we are focusing in on what matters most---our members and the issues and topics that are facing our cultural heritage communities today specifically this year on two topics: scholarly communication/publishing and diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion. During the Member Summit in Chicago (2019), the Leader Circle Members in attendance selected two topics to further research. Together, LYRASIS and the Leaders Circle are conducting an open content survey for the scholarly publishing topic to learn and understand what institutions are doing regarding supporting and/or establishing scholarly communication publications. For DEAI, we will focus on initiatives within libraries, archives and museums and how those initiatives ensure staff engagement and diverse collections.

We will also continue to focus on technology, and the 10+ open source communities we support and serve. We'll examine these topics these through real-world case studies, panel discussions and projects presented by experts in archives, libraries, museums, galleries and publishing.

2020 Forums and Cities

  • March 19: Baton Rouge – To be rescheduled

  • April 30: New York City – To be rescheduled

  • May 6: Boston – To be rescheduled

  • May 12: Ann Arbor To be rescheduled

  • May 21: Los Angeles To be rescheduled

What happens at a Forum?

Our Forums are smaller, nimble, gatherings across the US, Canada and soon the globe, to discuss, explore and workshop ideas, problems and potential solutions that might be funded by LYRASIS. Experts from the LYRASIS team and from the LYRASIS membership bring new concepts, trends and ideas to be round tabled. Our Forums are a unique experience where archivists, librarians, museum directors can sit around a table and discuss topics affecting the communities locally and globally. Typically, there are 6 Forums each year. Output is shared and posted for discussion. This is open for all Leaders Circle members and by invitation for anyone else. Forums encourage leaders, movers and shakers and those not willing to wait for change but are catalysts for change to attend.

Where have we been? We have hosted 30 Forums to date. Thank you to our hosts. If you would like to host a Forum please email:

Can I see a sample agenda from previous Forums?
Yes, take a look at our last Forum of 2019 in Pittsburgh.

What happens at a Forum?
The format will be 9am-3pm face-to-face meeting limited to about 30-35 local leaders from archives, museums and libraries. The day will be broken into 40-50 minutes sessions and include presentations on real, on innovative projects and programs by participants and experts as well as brief overviews by senior LYRASIS staff on the state of the community as we see it. And then the fun begins, with an engaging, fast-paced conversation among all the attendees.

Who should attend?
Key influencers, movers & shakers, senior leaders in archives, libraries and museums. LYRASIS Leader Circle Members are encouraged to attend along with local archivist, librarians and museum staff in each Forum city. You do not have to be a LYRASIS Member to attend.

Is there a fee to attend?
Forums are free to attend. Refreshments and lunch will be provided.

Need more information?
Please contact Jenn Bielewski if you have any questions or would like to attend, present or host.