Welcome to the ORCID US Community! As a member of the ORCID US Community, your institution has access to the benefits of premium ORCID membership: 5 ORCID premium member API credentials, dedicated technical and community support, and ORCID's monthly newsletter, which includes tailored ORCID statistics for your organization.

LYRASIS is the lead organization for the ORCID US Community, with Sheila Rabun serving as the ORCID US Community Specialist, providing community and technical support for ORCID US Community members.

Please include the ORCID Member Organization logo below on your website to indicate that your organization supports ORCID. To request the logo, email orcidus@lyrasis.org.

​First Steps

To get set up with your institutional ORCID membership, please complete the following:

  • In an email to orcidus@lyrasis.org, send:
    • Official contact information for ORCID at your institution (see contact roles described below)
      • ORCID Main/Voting
      • Technical
      • Additional
      • Billing contacts at your organization
    • Brief description and logo for your institutional member page
    • Institutional email domain(s) that should be used to find ORCID holders at your institution

  • Review the New Member’s Guide (this document)

  • Sign up for one or more of the communication channels listed below

​Official Contacts at your Organization

Each member organization should designate official contacts to ensure efficient communication with the ORCID US Community and the ORCID organization. Contacts may be updated at any time by sending an email to orcidus@lyrasis.org.

  • MainContact/Voting Representative – Required. There may only be one Main Contact/Voting Representative from each organization at any given time. The Main Contact indicated for each member organization shall be the main person who represents the organization in terms of ORCID activities:

    • The Main Contact will receive monthly ORCID member newsletter and should distribute it to other stakeholders at the organization
    • As an ORCID member, your organization has the right to vote in ORCID's annual board elections. The designated Main Contact will receive voting information from ORCID and will vote on behalf of the organization.

  • TechnicalContact(s) – Required. There may be more than one Technical Contact(s), responsible for managing the API (application programming interface) credential(s) for your organization. The designated technical contact(s) will be made aware of upcoming updates to the API and other technical information.
  • BillingContact(s) – Optional. Billing contact(s) may be designated as necessary, to receive invoice and billing communications.
  • AdditionalContacts – Optional. In addition to the Main and Technical Contacts, additional contacts may be designated to be included in general ORCID US communications, including the ORCID US listserv and Members - Only Discussion Forum. There is no limit to the number of additional contacts that may be added

Institutional Member Page

Each ORCID US Community member organization has a designated information page, accessible from https://orcid.org/members/001G000001wND7XIAW-lyrasis. Please send a brief description of your institution and a logo image to orcidus@lyrasis.org so we can populate your member page. You can also provide a website URL and a public contact email to display on the page.

Official contacts who have an ORCID iD (free to register at https://orcid.org/register) can make changes to their organization’s ORCID member page by signing in to their ORCID record at https://orcid.org/signin and selecting “Member Tools” from the menu. If you need assistance, please email orcidus@lyrasis.org.

Communication Channels

ORCID US Website: The ORCID US Community website (http://orcid-us.org) is the best place to start for information and resources specific to ORCID in the US. The website also provides links to helpful information from the ORCID organization website (http://orcid.org).

ORCID US Members-Only Discussion Forum: The goal of ORCID US is to encourage adoption and use of ORCID and to build an inclusive community of practice around ORCID in the US. Members are encouraged to discuss and share ORCID plans, advice, success stories, and challenges with other members via our Members-Only Discussion Forum. Once your official contacts are designated, they will be invited to join the forum. To request forum access for additional representatives at your organization, please email orcidus@lyrasis.org.

ORCID US Listserv: Members may also join the ORCID US Community listserv, which is open to both members and interested parties as a designated channel for general communication around ORCID in the US. Anyone who is interested may subscribe to this list at http://lyralists.lyrasis.org/mailman/listinfo/orcid-us.

Twitter: Follow the ORCID US Community on Twitter at @USconsortium

Community Resources: A range of helpful resources can be found on the Community Resources page of the ORCID US Community website.

Support: To request a consultation and/or technical support, please send an email to orcidus@lyrasis.org.

Getting Started with ORCID

To help you get started with planning for ORCID adoption at your organization, please see the ORCID US Planning Guide and other resources available at http://orcid-us.org.