What is ORCID?

  • ORCID = Open Researcher & Contributor Identifier

Who uses ORCID?

  • Funders – increasingly requesting or requiring ORCID iDs for investigators (learn more)
  • Individuals – over 8 million people across the globe involved in research, innovation, & scholarly communication in multiple disciplines

Why use ORCID?

ORCID allows research institutions to:

  • Distinguish between individual researchers

  • Streamline data collection for measuring institutional impact and/or assessing individual researcher's contributions for performance review, promotion, & tenure

  • Contribute to accuracy & trust in the research and scholarly communication landscape by asserting affiliations and activities in ORCID

  • Comply with ORCID requirements in funding and publication workflows

  • Stay connected with researchers even after they leave your institution

  • Save time and reduce administrative burden by using automated data transfer in research reporting workflows (via the ORCID API)

  • Leverage interoperability across stakeholder systems & workflows, within & outside your institution

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