State Library Agencies: Getting Ready for the Edge Initiative Webinar

State Library Agencies (SLA's) are well positioned to assist libraries with their participation in the Edge Initiative. SLA's also stand to benefit from the wealth of data collected by the Edge Assessment.

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In this 2.5-hour training webinar, state library staff will learn about the Edge Initiative, its background, and creation. Attendees will review the Edge assessment benchmarks, and receive an overview of the administrative tools available to both local and state library staff. The value of the Edge Initiative to libraries will be discussed, as well as strategies for getting buy in and participation from stakeholders. During the session, potential roles for state library staff will be identified. The session will conclude with an overview of the support resources available to both SLA’s and individual libraries participating in the Edge Initiative.

After this webinar, state library staff will be able to:

• Communicate the value of the Edge Initiative and the assessment tool
• List the Edge assessment benchmarks
• Promote Edge to libraries and stakeholders in their state
• Guide libraries in their usage of the Edge assessment tool
• Direct libraries to the appropriate tools and support for a given question
• Use their state library Edge account to view aggregate data as well as to track the progress of individual libraries
• Use Edge aggregate data to inform statewide planning