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Che Kowal, Matthew

Matthew Che Kowal is a festival coordinator, artistic director, spokesperson, musician, and community leader. A passionate skill-sharer, Matthew has used collective leadership to arrive at state-of-the-art festivals that are sustainable, safe, and equitable. His consulting work with Performing Arts Readiness spans agencies, festivals, and venues in emergency and disaster preparedness, including The Arts and Cultural Network for Emergency Preparedness. Contracted by Denver Arts & Venues, the Canadian Government, brands like New Belgium, and festivals like Tour de Fat and Five Points Jazz Festival, he has organized hundreds of gatherings since 2005, collectively raising over $5 million to raise awareness and resources to capitalize locally-directed initiatives and inspire advocacy. He envisioned the experiential learning platform Art of Mass Gatherings Symposium as a way to catalyze emergency preparedness training across multiple stakeholders. Email him at

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