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Vendor Description:
Infobase Publishing is a provider of supplemental educational materials to the school and library markets. Product formats include books, eBooks, online databases, eLearning modules, videos, and other digital products. Infobase provides students, librarians, and educators with resources supporting curriculums across a wide variety of subject areas from history, science, and literature to careers, health, and social issues.

Vendor Products:

The Credo Academic Core Collection contains 3 million entries from subject encyclopedias, handbooks, guides, companions, other multimedia formats, and readers covering over 80 major subject disciplines and more than 6 million research concepts.
Credo Essentials     
Credo’s Essentials Collections bring foundational reference titles to your students’ and faculty research activities while maintaining responsible stewardship of your library budget.
Credo Instruct provides ACRL-aligned multimedia materials to help librarians teach and assess foundational skills to students while aligning information literacy practices with faculty.
The Learning Tools product family, including InstructTM and ViewTM, offers librarians choices in how to best meet their institutional needs when teaching and assessing foundational skills like information literacy, critical thinking, and communication.
Credo Online Reference Service enhances the research experience through authoritative reference content and a one-stop exploratory search platform that drives usage of all trusted library resources.
Credo Source     
Credo Source is the one-stop platform for preparing students for academic research.
Credo View     
Credo View is a robust collection of 60+ high-quality, standards-aligned videos covering information literacy, critical thinking, communication, and more.
African-American History features thousands of cross-referenced entries, covering the entire spectrum of African American history.
American History Online spans more than 500 years of political, military, social, and cultural history.
American Indian History offers access to more than 15,000 years of Native American culture and history, covering more than 600 Native American communities.
Ancient and Medieval History Online provides coverage of nine civilizations: ancient Egypt, ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, ancient and medieval Africa, medieval Europe, the Americas, ancient and medieval Asia, and Islamic Empire.
Bloom’s Literature contains reference essays and scholarly criticism on classic works of literature and authors with 800 plus full-length videos of literary stage and film productions, guidance on how to write about literature, and a Shakespeare Center.
Classroom Video provides access to thousands of programs grouped into subject-specific categories. The Master Curriculum and the Career and Technical Education collections provide targeted educational content with more than 800 new programs added monthly.
Facts on File's eLearning Centers are a combination of a multivolume print series and rich media providing coverage of core-curriculum topics. With a variety of topics available, these dynamic and compelling online resources bring the curriculum to life!
Ferguson's Career Guidance Center provides detailed profiles of more than 3,300 jobs and 94 industries, invaluable advice on career skills, more than 48,000 resource entries, and much more!
Health Reference Center contains thousands of hyperlinked entries organized into four major categories: conditions and diseases, mental health, health and wellness, and body systems.
Issues & Controversies in American History explores the great issues in American History—issues such as religious freedom in the colonies, Civil War Reconstruction and women’s suffrage.
Issues and Controversies explores controversial topics in a language and format that students appreciate, with the balance, accuracy and regular updating that are synonymous with Facts On File News Services.
Modern World History Online covers the people, places, and events in the broad expanse of history–from mid-15th century to the present.
Science Online offers a curriculum-oriented overview in a range of scientific disciplines in a variety of formats. The accessible content is organized by subject area and type of resource, as well as by national and state science education standards.
Today's Science presents authoritative yet accessible information on the latest developments in science. Today's Science bridges the gap between textbooks and what's happening in science now.
U.S. Government Online is a resource featuring an easy-to-navigate interface for finding essays; primary source documents; images and videos; tables, charts, and maps; and news articles on the structure, function, and history of the U.S. government.
The World Almanac® Online provides access to authoritative, essential statistics on 100s of topics in a searchable online format. This resource puts the reference shelf staple at users' fingertips, with thousands of facts not available elsewhere online.
The World Almanac® for Kids Online expands on the print edition and other reference books from World Almanac®, Chelsea House, and Facts On File. As a complement to the curriculum, each subject area provides resources for homework, reports, and projects.
World Geography and Culture Online is a reference resource where every country of the world is profiled in depth, with more than 40 entries and more than 100 statistical indicators covering each nation’s geography, history, society, and culture.
World News Digest is the standard resource for information on U.S. and world events. Includes complete searchable full-text archive, breaking news, and much more.
Facts On File's World Religions Online explores religion and spirituality, from the ceremonies of the first practitioners to the elaborate rituals of today to analyze how religion has affected decisions and continues to play an important role globally.
Writer's Reference Center provides tools on the fundamentals of quality writing such as vocabulary-building dictionaries, step-by-step essay writing guides, a grammar section defining terms with examples of use, and a section on writing style.
Films on Demand     
Films on Demand is a multidisciplinary streaming service featuring high-quality educational videos covering subject areas from science and business to counseling and music. Many titles come with closed captioning and public performance rights.
Access Video On Demand gives public library patrons access to world-class documentaries, award-winning educational films, and instructional videos from the library, or any location with Internet access, anytime. 600+ new programs are added every year.
Compiled from more than 14,000 surveys conducted by more than 1,000 polling organizations in the U.S. and 100 other countries, the 750,000+ questions and responses in Polling the Nations are the most comprehensive collection of polling data anywhere.

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