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Reveal Digital


Vendor Description:
Reveal Digital, a company formed in 2012 to create affordable open access content through a new business model, seeks to digitize primary source materials from the collections of research libraries. As libraries provide more financial support, more content will be created. The first collections available in 2013 from Reveal Digital are named Independent Voices and include content from alternative presses.

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A civil society is a public space between the state, the market, and the ordinary household, in which people can debate, engage, and act. This inaugural digitization fund will invest in projects that embody the civil society; those non-governmental/non-commercial organizations that helped shape and guide America through two world wars, promoted equality across gender and race, campaigned for worker rights, and voiced alternative social views that challenged and ultimately changed societal norms. The focus will be on 20th century America with the liberty to extend the range based on the unique scope of each funded project.
Independent Voices was a four-year open access initiative, 2013-2016, to digitize and make widely available through open access over 1 million pages of alternative press material sourced from the special collections of participating libraries. The project has now been completely funded.
The Reveal Digital historic collection, "HATE IN AMERICA: Newspapers from the rise and fall of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s" is a three-year library supported open access initiative, 2017-2020, to digitize and make widely available through open access over 130,000 pages of newspapers published by the Ku Klux Klan, in support of the Klan, or in direct opposition to the Klan, provided by libraries, museums and private collections.