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NA Publishing, Inc.


Vendor Description:
NA Publishing seeks to digitize primary source materials to create affordable, unique collections. A portion of the proceeds from their collections fund future open access initiatives. As libraries provide more financial support, more content will be created. Their collections include the Music Magazine Archives collections, that focus on independent music periodicals, and the Publishers Weekly Digital Archive.

Vendor Products:

Left of Liberalism: Marxist-Socialist Newspapers, 1900-2015 facilitates research into Marxism and Socialism across the long 20th century. These newspapers represent the voice of Communism, Socialism, and Marxism in the English-speaking world, addressing issues such as: early 20th-century labor conditions, the working class, the post-WW II rise of McCarthyism, unionism, the Civil Rights Movement, and Nazi crimes against humanity.
Microfilm Restoration and Preservation Services
This collection documents the spirit of activism, awareness, and social change in the late 20th century, beginning with the decades leading up to the Folk Revival of the 1960s. Approximately 75,000 fully searchable pages in full color and high resolution serve as a chronicle of the time, supporting examinations into the highly charged political culture of the late twentieth century and beyond. These magazines were products of grassroots efforts of the activists within this counterculture, including Sing Out! and People’s Songs Bulletin, both founded by Pete Seeger.
This collection assembles publications reflecting the oppositional culture of these late 20th century genres. Out of this urban movement sprung challenges to racism and stereotypes manifested in bold lyrics, graffiti, protest, attitude, and style. From Wax Poetics to DJ Times, these magazines uniquely capture the regional brand and styles of rap and hip hop music and musicians, covering all aspects of the culture as expressed through lyrics, turntablism, breakdancing, fashion and graffiti. The collection supports scholarly research areas such as race, class, gender, American studies, youth culture, and music.
This collection provides cover-to-cover full-run access to more than 100,000 pages of rock journalism in the transformative late 20th century. Featuring every page, cover, and advertisement from titles such as CREEM, Ray Gun, and Under the Radar, this collection unlocks the modern decades of dissent, documenting youth culture and providing an authentic account of the dynamic social change in the U.S. and around the world during this period.
Continuously published since 1872, Publishers Weekly has consistently been the authoritative voice for US publishing industry news and book reviews, with ongoing coverage of the British book trade. Documenting the first book review for many works over time, Publishers Weekly both reflected and drove cultural change.