photo Celeste Feather, Senior Director, Content & Scholarly Communication Initiatives
Celeste Feather, Senior Director of Content and Scholarly Communication Initiatives, joined Lyrasis in 2010 with extensive experience in academic libraries and statewide consortial eresource licensing. She leads a team that works to innovate and transform models and approaches to scholarly publishing, based on collaboration with Lyrasis members and the wider GLAM community. The team’s strategic approaches focus on group negotiations for content licensing and acquisition, building communities of practice and support for open research services, and creating equitable and sustainable models for Open Access. Learn more at

photo Jill Grogg, Sr. Strategist, Communities & Scholarly Communications
Jill E. Grogg is a Senior Strategist with Lyrasis. In her role, Jill negotiates with vendors and content providers to ensure Lyrasis member libraries and partners reach the best possible outcomes for the acquisition and delivery of electronic resources and services. She also works with global Open Access (OA) initiatives as part of Lyrasis' overall OA efforts. Additionally, Jill helps to manage a variety of unique communities that Lyrasis serves. Before coming to Lyrasis in 2015, Jill was the electronic resources coordinator at The University of Alabama (UA) Libraries and attained the rank of Professor while at UA. Jill has published and presented widely, including co-authoring The Librarian's Guide to Negotiation (Information Today, 2012). Jill continues to teach intermittently as an adjunct instructor at several library schools. A more complete list of her activities and publications can be found in her ORCID profile,

photo Paolo Gujilde, Strategist
Paolo P. Gujilde, Strategist for the ORCID US Community, joined Lyrasis in 2021. In his role, he helps in managing and supporting the ORCID US Community, a consortium of nonprofit ORCID members. This includes assisting and guiding member organizations from planning for and implementing ORCID in their organization. Paolo started his library career in academic libraries specializing in collection strategies and scholarly communications. More about Paolo at

photo Sharla Lair, Sr. Strategist, Open Access & Scholarly Communication Initiatives
Sharla Lair serves as a Senior Strategist of Open Access and Scholarly Communication Initiatives at Lyrasis. Since 2015, Sharla’s role at Lyrasis has been to negotiate the best pricing and licensing terms for the products and services available to Lyrasis members as well as seek out innovative programs that demonstrate transformative influence in the scholarly communication landscape. She is interested in developing new strategies for sustainable scholarly publishing by way of building new open access revenue models, connecting multiple stakeholders, revealing common goals, and facilitating collaboration. Sharla serves on several working groups and committees. You can learn more about her activities at

photo Jennifer McGovern, Community Programs Coordinator, Content & Scholarly Communications
Jennifer McGovern began her employment with Lyrasis in February 2015 as a Member Support Representative. In 2017, Jennifer became the lead Lyrasis contact for the Consortia Licensing Program. In her role as Community Programs Coordinator, Jennifer works closely with statewide academic library consortia in Indiana and Maryland to provide e-resource acquisition services, licensing, and administrative support for the consortia and their member libraries. Jennifer’s path to Lyrasis was a natural fit, having served as the Associate Acquisitions Manager in Miller Library at Washington College for eight years. During her tenure at Miller Library, she was a member of the technical services team and worked closely with vendors and consortia to manage the library’s resources.

photo Stephanie Moreland, Coordinator, Content & Scholarly Communications
Stephanie Moreland joined the Lyrasis Member Services team in April 2008 and transitioned to the Content and Scholarly Communication Initiatives team in 2021. In her role, Stephanie negotiates with vendors and content providers to ensure Lyrasis member libraries and partners reach the best possible outcomes for the acquisition and delivery of electronic resources and services. She also works with a variety of Open Access (OA) initiatives and programs that create inclusive opportunities for diverse institutions to engage with an evolving scholarly communication and publishing landscape. She is a graduate of American Intercontinental University (AIU), where she majored in Business Administration. Stephanie is a peach plucked straight from Georgia, and her heart pours southern hospitality.

photo Sheila Rabun, Senior Strategist for Research Infrastructure Prog
Sheila Rabun is the Senior Strategist for Research Infrastructure Programs at Lyrasis. She serves the ORCID US Community, the Lyrasis DataCite US Community, and the IRUS-US Community. Sheila has worked in the academic library field since 2010, with a focus on digital workflows, agile project management, communicating technical information to diverse audiences, and advocating for interoperability in research and scholarly communication ecosystems. Learn more about Sheila at

photo Kaela Ramhit, Assistant, ORCID US Community Program
Kaela Ramhit serves as the Program Assistant for the ORCID US Community, joining Lyrasis in November 2023. In this role, she serves and supports the management of the ORCID US Community consortium. Previously, she has worked in both academic and public libraries, supporting patrons in instruction and research, with a focus on accessibility services. Her academic interests include accessibility, instruction, and data visualization. A more thorough list of her activities can be found in her ORCID profile:

photo Michael Rodriguez, Sr. Strategist, Content & Scholarly Communication
Michael Rodriguez (he/him) serves as Senior Strategist for Content & Scholarly Communication Initiatives at Lyrasis, where he leads consortial licensing and open access programs at a national scale. He previously served as Collections Strategist at the University of Connecticut and is past president of the Association of College and Research Libraries’ New England Chapter. Michael has published and presented widely and received the Library Journal Reviewer of the Year Award, NASIG Horizon Award, and Charleston Conference Up & Comer Award.

photo Christy Urquieta Cortes, Strategist
Christy Urquieta Cortes serves as a Strategist on the Content & Scholarly Communication Initiatives team at Lyrasis. Her focus is to develop strategic and innovative licensing practices and content packages that provide Lyrasis members with the greatest value possible. She previously worked as the Electronic Resources Librarian for the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where she led the Resource Management team in providing consistent seamless access to electronic resources. Additionally, Christy has a growing portfolio of presentations and publications that cover topics such as open government data licensing and licensing in a higher education setting. You can learn more about Christy at