Adjunct Instructor Application

LYRASIS is seeking enthusiastic experts willing to share their knowledge and skills with others as part-time teachers and instructors within the library community. If you are engaged in your profession and enjoy teaching, are an educator within your library, or are an experienced and polished public speaker, LYRASIS can provide you with the opportunity to contribute to library professional development. Many of LYRASIS’s adjunct instructors have full-time jobs elsewhere, but enjoy helping others develop skills and knowledge to improve libraries. Being a LYRASIS adjunct instructor also provides extra income, the opportunity to teach online without leaving the comfort of your office, and potentially, opportunities for travel.

Adjunct instructors design and teach continuing education classes to improve the knowledge, skills, and abilities of library staff. Classes are taught primarily in the live online environment. Adjunct instructors may also contribute to consulting projects in their area(s) of expertise. LYRASIS instructors have sound and up-to-date knowledge and experience in the subject(s) to be taught, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and knowledge of class or presentation design and delivery.
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Adjunct instructors are paid for content creation and/or teaching

Adjunct instructors will teach primarily online using Centra e-meeting software, and must complete an initial ½ hour training session and a trial run of each class prior to teaching

Please email resume and professional writing sample (.doc or pdf) to Russell Palmer.

For more details and other requirements, contact LYRASIS.