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Showing General Training -> Technology Courses in our Catalog

Class or Event Name Instructor Delivery Method Member / Non-Member Price
A Bakers Dozen of Cyber Secure Tips Blake Carver Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Building Digital Exhibits in Omeka Megan Oliver Live Online $75.00 / $100.00
Casting the Library - How to Create and Launch a Podcast for your Library Heather Teysko Live Online $50.00 / $75.00
Choosing an ILS that Meets Your Needs Timothy Dickey Live Online $100.00 / $125.00
DuraCloud Overview: Use Cases for Preservation Storage Heather Greer Klein Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Emergency Online Teaching: Practical Techniques for adapting library instruction during Covid-19 Jason Puckett Live Online $50.00 / $75.00
Essentials of Usability Design for Library Research Guides Jason Puckett Live Online $50.00 / $75.00
Fedora 6 Overview David Wilcox Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Graphic Design for Librarians Valerie Colston Live Online $50.00 / $75.00
IIIF and Museums Tina Shah Live Online $50.00 / $75.00
IIIF’s Tools for Teaching with Image-based Primary Sources Meg O'Hearn Live Online $50.00 / $75.00
Inclusion of 3D Artifacts into a Digital Library: Exploring Technologies and Best Practice Techniques Jennifer Bielewski Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Introduction to BitCurator: Using BitCurator to Support Digital Curation Christopher (Cal) Lee Live Online $75.00 / $100.00
Introduction to Fedora David Wilcox Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Introduction to IIIF Josh Hadro Live Online $50.00 / $75.00
Introduction to IT Security for Libraries and Librarians Blake Carver Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Introduction to Linked Data for Libraries Timothy Dickey Live Online $50.00 / $75.00
Introduction to OpenRefine Thomas Guignard Live Online $75.00 / $100.00
IRUS-US - Standards-based Statistics for Institutional Repositories (For LYRASIS Members) Hannah Rosen Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Making Great Video Tutorials Jason Puckett Live Online $50.00 / $75.00
Managing a Remote Team Erin Tripp Live Online $50.00 / $75.00
Online Library Instruction: Best Practices for Asynchronous Teaching Jason Puckett Live Online $50.00 / $75.00
Online Library Instruction: Best Practices for Live, Online Teaching Jason Puckett Live Online $50.00 / $75.00
ORCID US Community: Making the Most of your ORCID Membership Sheila Rabun
ORCID US Community: Membership Benefits for Non-profit Organizations Sheila Rabun Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Surviving a Ransomware Attack: how libraries can prepare for disaster and respond if it happens Blake Carver Live Online $50.00 / $75.00
Teaching Online in Plain Language: Creating Clear Research Guides, Library Websites, and Online Instruction Jason Puckett Live Online $50.00 / $75.00
Testing for Accessibility: Free Tools to Assess the Accessibility of Online Resources Annie Peterson Live Online $75.00 / $100.00
Understanding Cybersecurity for Performing Arts Organizations Blake Carver Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Virtual Reality in GLAM: The Logistics Behind Implementing VR Programming in GLAM Organizations Jasmine Clark Live Online $50.00 / $75.00
Zotero for Librarians Jason Puckett Live Online $50.00 / $75.00