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Showing Training -> Preservation Courses in our Catalog

Class or Event Name Instructor Delivery Method Member / Non-Member Price
Accessibility for Online Instruction Angie Brunk Live Online $125.00 / $150.00
All History is Local: Find, Preserve, and Digitize Collections that Tell the Story Annie Peterson Live Online $75.00 / $100.00
Audiovisual Digitization Basics Annie Peterson Live Online $100.00 / $125.00
Collecting Social Media Jessica Venlet Live Online $75.00 / $100.00
CollectionSpace Community Spotlight Webinar: CSpace for Education Paul Marty Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Community Recovery Through Arts and Culture Mary Eileen Fouratt Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Creating and Preserving Oral Histories Annie Peterson Live Online $100.00 / $125.00
Crisis Communication and Reputation Management for Performing Arts Organizations Kathleen Donohue Rennie Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Customizing the New Pocket Response Resource Mollie Quinlan-Hayes Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Digital Life Vests: How Cultural Heritage Institutions can Lend a Hand in Preserving Podcasts Mary Kidd Live Online $125.00 / $150.00
Disaster Planning and Preparedness Annie Peterson Live Online $125.00 / $150.00
Disaster Response for Performing Arts Organizations Donia Conn Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Establishing an Environmental Monitoring Program Annie Peterson Live Online $50.00 / $75.00
Event Preparedness: Active Shooters and Hostile Activity at Your Venues Emma Stuart Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Grant Writing for Digitization and Preservation Projects Annie Peterson Live Online $150.00 / $175.00
Grant Writing for Digitization and Preservation Projects (Face-to-Face) Thomas Clareson Face to Face
Health and Safety for Performing Arts Organizations Ellen Korpar Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
How to Revive Your Donor Relationships: 12 Tactics in 36 Minutes Matt Lehrman Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Introduction to Emergency Digital Collecting Kara McClurken Live Online $50.00 / $75.00
Introduction to Emergency Preparedness for Performing Arts Organizations Steve Eberhardt Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
LYRASIS Free Webinar: NEH Preservation Assistance Grants Thomas Clareson Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Networking for Disaster Management in the Performing Arts Thomas Clareson Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Open source software for showcasing scholarship: An Introduction to VIVO for librarians Sharla Lair Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Oral Histories: Care and Preservation from the Start Annie Peterson Live Online $100.00 / $125.00
PAR Virtual Feedback Session Thomas Clareson Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Performing Arts Emergency Preparedness Planning Grants Steve Eberhardt Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Planning Safe Exhibits and Displays Frances Harrell Live Online $75.00 / $100.00
Practical Digital Preservation on a Shoestring: Triage for the Underfunded Jaime Schumacher Live Online $150.00 / $175.00
Practice makes Perfect: Conducting a Tabletop Exercise to Practice your Disaster Plan Annie Peterson Live Online $50.00 / $75.00
Preservation of Photographic Materials Annie Peterson Live Online $125.00 / $150.00
Protecting Your Assets: Managing Legacy Materials for Performing Arts Organizations Thomas Clareson Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Reel Priorities: Creating a Film Preservation Plan Rachel Del Gaudio Live Online $50.00 / $75.00
Risk Assessment for Performing Arts Organizations Thomas Clareson Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Road to Recovery – Performing Arts During Covid Emma Stuart Live Online $0.00 / $0.00
Testing for Accessibility: Free Tools to Assess the Accessibility of Online Resources Annie Peterson Live Online $75.00 / $100.00
The Arts Organizations at a Crossroads Toolkit: Managing Transitions and Preserving Assets Mollie Quinlan-Hayes Live Online $0.00 / $0.00