​Lyrasis supports a variety of Open Access (OA) initiatives and programs that create inclusive opportunities for diverse institutions to engage with an evolving scholarly communication and publishing landscape. In addition to the support for the programs listed below, ​Lyrasis regularly communicates with members and content providers to negotiate the best possible terms incorporating OA into licenses where relevant and reasonable for our diverse subscriber communities.

​ Program Partners and Initiatives

  • Knowledge Unlatched - books, journals, and infrastructure across multiple disciplines and publishers

  • Lever Press - a native open access press governed by a community of liberal arts institutions that publish peer-reviewed, non-BPC, open access monographs at no cost to authors

In addition to open access initiatives, ​Lyrasis serves as the United States (US) community home for three consortial programs designed to lower the barrier of participation for libraries of different sizes, missions, and constituencies to use open research infrastructure best practices: the ORCID US Community, the Lyrasis DataCite US Community (for DOIs), and the IRUS (Institutional Repository Usage Statistics) US Community.

​OA Champions

​Lyrasis recognizes its members and others in the library community who support and invest in the ​Lyrasis OA program partners by including them in our list of OA Champions

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Join the LYROpen listserv to stay abreast of news regarding existing and new OA program partners as well as updates about emerging and continuing OA developments from around the world.

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