Lyrasis advances Open Scholarship initiatives and programs that empower diverse institutions to engage across the evolving scholarly communication landscape. We support Open Access (OA) publishing programs as well as open research infrastructure programs, all aligned with the core principles of the Lyrasis Content and Scholarly Communication Initiatives department. The OA business models and terms used on this page are described in this glossary from KU Leuven.


Open Content Partner Programs

  • ACM Open –  read-and-publish agreement that offers unlimited OA publishing along with unlimited access to paywalled content, to enable the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) to flip to full OA by 2026. Open to US participants.
  • Annual Reviews Subscribe to Open – institutions subscribe to journal packages, and if support is sufficient, Annual Reviews publishes its frontlist journal issues gold OA. Open to Lyrasis members.

  • Bloomsbury Open Collections – a subscribe-to-open type program to publish scholarly open access books in key subjects (gratis backlist access included). Open to Lyrasis members.

  • Demography Subscribe to Open – institutions subscribe to this population research journal, and if annual support is sufficient, Duke University Press publishes its frontlist issues immediate open access with no author fees. Open to US participants.

  • Knowledge Unlatched – invites libraries to collectively fund the open access publishing of books, journals, and infrastructure across multiple disciplines and publishers. Open to US participants.

  • Lever Press – a collective membership model supporting the operations of a native open access press governed by a community of liberal arts institutions that publish peer-reviewed open access monographs at no cost to authors. Open to global participants.

  • MIT Press Direct to Open – a conditional non-BPC open access model that, if support is sufficient, allows MIT Press to publish its monograph frontlist to open access. Open to Lyrasis members.

  • Open Library of Humanities – a collective subscription model for libraries to support humanities-focused, peer-reviewed, diamond open access journals. Open to US participants.

  • Opening the Future – a conditional non-BPC open access model that, once support is sufficient, allows Opening the Future publishers to publish frontlist monographs open access. Open to global participants. Participating publishers include:

  • Punctum Books: Special Collections – a collective non-BPC preservation initiative that, if support is sufficient, allows punctum books to republish re-designed print and open access editions of the back catalogs of historically significant independent presses founded by structurally marginalized groups whose operations have ceased. Open to US participants.

  • Punctum Books Supporting Library Membership Program – a collective membership model supporting the operations of a non-BPC open access independent press that specializes in publishing paradigm-shifting monographs in the humanities and social sciences. Open to US participants.

  • SCOAP3 – a global non-APC open access program to fund journal articles and books in high energy physics supported by libraries, governments, and research organizations. Open to US participants.

Open Research Infrastructure Programs

In addition to open access initiatives, ​Lyrasis serves as the US community home for three consortial programs designed to lower the barrier of participation for organizations of different sizes, missions, and constituencies to leverage best practices for open research infrastructure:

  • ORCID US Community – a national consortium and community of practice for non-profit organizations that are members of ORCID (Open Researcher & Contributor Identifier). 
  • Lyrasis DataCite US Community – a national consortium and community of practice for non-profit organizations assigning DataCite DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) to their local research and scholarly materials.
  • IRUS (Institutional Repository Usage Statistics) US Community – allows participating organizations to gather open, COUNTER-compliant usage statistics for materials in repositories.
  • Open Syllabus Analytics - Open Syllabus is a nonprofit research organization partnering with Lyrasis to provide subscriptions to their Analytics platform that supports their work in syllabus archiving.

OA Champions 

​Lyrasis recognizes its members and others in the library community who support and invest in ​Lyrasis OA program partners by including these institutions in our list of OA Champions.

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