Skilltype for Teams


Skilltype for Teams is a paid talent management platform for information professionals and their organizations. The software platform enables managers to analyze expertise across their organization, develop expertise, and share expertise with other organizations. Skilltype was founded by library technology executive Tony Zanders, and co-developed with nine academic libraries over a two year research and development period starting in 2018. In August 2020, LYRASIS became the exclusive distributor of Skilltype to organizations, offering a discount to LYRASIS members on their annual subscription.


Analyzing Expertise: Surface skills, interests, and product experience across your organization using a proprietary vocabulary built from industry core competency frameworks. Compare your expertise with what you needed to accomplish goals to identify skill gaps.

Developing Expertise: Provide access to thousands of presentations, articles, videos, and trainings from professional development providers across the industry all in one place. Personalize learning pathways for each employee and view progress towards learning goals.

Sharing Expertise (Coming soon): Display organizational expertise to partner organizations in a consortium or system, while viewing their expertise against your skill gaps. Establish expertise sharing agreements with organizations to alleviate constraints.


“The future of our library is only as strong as the future of our workforce. Skilltype will help members of our organization develop their talents and help the library make better informed decisions in meeting the ever-changing needs of our campus community.”

Paul Bracke
Dean of Libraries
Gonzaga University

“We have long sought a way to help raise social awareness among staff and prepare us for the future of work. Skilltype is the only product in the market helping libraries with these issues in a scalable and affordable way.”

Karim Boughida
Dean of Libraries
University of Rhode Island

“Skilltype is a timely and provocative new approach to professional development and talent management in libraries.”

Cliff Lynch
Executive Director
Coalition for Networked Information (CNI)