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vendor logo Bibliotheca (Formerly 3M) Detection Systems       
Vendor: Bibliotheca (Formerly 3M)

3M detection systems combines flexibility and style with state-of-the-art technology to help provide excellent detection and reliability.

vendor logo Bibliotheca (Formerly 3M) RFID       
Vendor: Bibliotheca (Formerly 3M)

Enhance the productivity and security benefits of RFID by utilizing industry leading 3M RFID products.

vendor logo Bibliotheca (Formerly 3M) SelfCheck Systems       
Vendor: Bibliotheca (Formerly 3M)

As the inventor of self checkout technology, 3M's SelfCheck portfolio of products leads the industry with many customers achieving self-service usage rates up to 100%.

vendor logo Bibliotheca (Formerly 3M) Tattle-Tape Strips and Accessories       
Vendor: Bibliotheca (Formerly 3M)

3M Tattle-Tape ™ Security Strips offer discreet protection for your entire collection, including magnetic media.

vendor logo BioOne Complete       
Vendor: BioOne

BioOne Complete is BioOne's aggregation of more than 180 high quality, subscribed and open-access titles focused in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences.

vendor logo Bloomsbury and Faber Screenplays and Criticism Collection Perpetual Access       
Vendor: Bloomsbury Publishing

The Bloomsbury and Faber Screenplays and Criticism Collection

vendor logo Bloomsbury Arcadian Library Online       
Vendor: Bloomsbury Publishing

Bloomsbury Arcadian Library Online includes rare ancient manuscripts, early printed books, and documents from the 10th to 20th centuries that combine to tell the story of the shared heritage of Europe and the Middle East across the course of a millennia.

vendor logo Bloomsbury Berg Fashion Library       
Vendor: Bloomsbury Publishing

Now available on the award-winning Bloomsbury Fashion Central platform, the Berg Fashion Library is the leading source of scholarly, multidisciplinary information on all aspects of dress and fashion worldwide, from pre-history to the present day.

vendor logo Bloomsbury Churchill Archive       
Vendor: Bloomsbury Publishing

Bloomsbury Churchill Archive is designed for both teaching and research, the collection of over 800,000 unique items is augmented by interactive user tools and valuable teaching and supplementary resources.

vendor logo Bloomsbury Collections Online       
Vendor: Bloomsbury Publishing

Bloomsbury Collections Online delivers online access to scholarly books from Bloomsbury’s award-winning Academic division.

vendor logo Bloomsbury Cultural History       
Vendor: Bloomsbury Publishing

Bloomsbury Cultural History is an interactive online resource providing students, researchers, and scholars with exclusive digital access to Bloomsbury’s ground-breaking Cultural Histories series.

vendor logo Bloomsbury Design Library       
Vendor: Bloomsbury Publishing

From Alvar Aalto to virtual reality design, and from authoritative reference information to innovative scholarly research, the Bloomsbury Design Library provides unrivalled coverage of design and crafts worldwide, from 1500 BCE to the present day.

vendor logo Bloomsbury Drama Online Collection       
Vendor: Bloomsbury Publishing

Drama Online is a unique online resource published by Bloomsbury Publishing and can be secured via annual subscription or one-time perpetual access purchase.

vendor logo Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers       
Vendor: Bloomsbury Publishing

Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers features thousands of critical biographical entries on individuals who have contributed to the history of thought and philosophy.

vendor logo Bloomsbury Fashion Photography       
Vendor: Bloomsbury Publishing

Bloomsbury Fashion Photography Archive is designed for students and researchers and includes 750,000 images never before published online as well as hundreds of articles, audio, and video resources from expert commentators which provide context and analysis.

vendor logo Bloomsbury Food Library       
Vendor: Bloomsbury Publishing

Bloomsbury Food Library is an essential resource for students and scholars studying food, on courses as wide-ranging as history, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, human geography, sustainability, agriculture, culinary arts, literary studies, political science, and development studies.

vendor logo Bloomsbury Medieval Studies       
Vendor: Bloomsbury Publishing

Bloomsbury Medieval Studies offers a global perspective on this rich field of study, bringing together high quality secondary content with visual primary sources, a brand new reference work and object images in a one-stop digital resource that will open up the medieval world.

vendor logo Bloomsbury Popular Music       
Vendor: Bloomsbury Publishing

Bloomsbury Popular Music brings together 120+ volumes of the 33 1/3 book series, the new series of 33 1/3 Global titles, 14 volumes of the Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World (EPMOW), together with a collection of Bloomsbury’s popular music research titles on a single cross-searchable digital platform.

vendor logo Bloomsbury Whitaker's Almanack       
Vendor: Bloomsbury Publishing

Bloomsbury Whitaker's Almanack is a standard reference work; it has been published annually since 1868 and is available online

vendor logo British Film Institute (BFI) Film Classics Collection       
Vendor: Bloomsbury Publishing

The BFI Film Classics collection brings together titles from the award-winning BFI Film Classics book series which introduces, interprets and celebrates landmarks of world cinema from the silent era to the 21st century. Each title offers a sophisticated but accessible argument for the film's 'classic' status, together with discussion of its production and reception history, its place within a genre or national cinema, an account of its technical and aesthetic importance, and in many cases, the author's personal response to the film.

vendor logo British Film Institute (BFI) Studies Collection       
Vendor: Bloomsbury Publishing

The BFI Film Studies collection brings together titles from BFI Publishing’s pre-eminent and foundational list of books on film history, theory, national cinemas, genres, film-makers, and stars. The collection includes authoritative overviews, archivally-based cinema histories, and landmark works in film criticism and theory, all in one single, curated collection.

vendor logo Brodart Library Supplies       
Vendor: Brodart

Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings has over 45,000 products to meet the needs of any Library, University or Media Center. Brodart is a name you can trust and has been in business over 65 years, located in heart of Pennsylvania. LYRASIS members receive a 20% discount on all supplies, a 15% discount on all equipment and furniture, and 25% off book jacket covers. A minimum supply order of $100 is required to receive free shipping. Please ask your member representative for the discount code.

vendor logo Business Expert Press       
Vendor: Business Expert Press

Business Expert Press provides applied, concise business/economics titles for students, professors and practitioners. One-time purchase, SERU licensed eBooks.