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vendor logo eHRAF Archaeology       
Vendor: HRAF

eHRAF Archaeology is an award-winning online database with information on the prehistory of the world. eHRAF Archaeology is organized by regions and archaeological traditions.

vendor logo eHRAF World Cultures       
Vendor: HRAF

eHRAF World Cultures database contains ethnographic collections covering all aspects of cultural and social life, making it an ideal repository of cultural knowledge for anthropological and cross-cultural research within and across disciplines.

vendor logo Emerald Backfiles       
Vendor: Emerald

With a collection that dates back to the nineteenth century, Emerald Backfiles form an interesting and important record for business and management scholars and social historians alike.

vendor logo Emerald EBook Business, Management & Economics Series Collection Annual Subscription       
Vendor: Emerald

Emerald's Business, Management, and Economics eBook Collection contains over 2,000 titles on a wide range of business, management, marketing, public policy, library studies, and hospitality topics.

vendor logo Emerald EBook Social Sciences Series Collection       
Vendor: Emerald

Emerald's Social Sciences eBook Collection contains over 1,250 titles on the social sciences, criminology, education, gender studies, and other subjects.

vendor logo Emerald Engineering Database       
Vendor: Emerald

The Emerald Engineering Database is a self-contained online collection of 19 internationally recognized journals covering all major aspects of engineering and technology.

vendor logo Emerald Premier       
Vendor: Emerald

Emerald Premier is the flagship eJournals collection from Emerald Publishing, offering full-text access to all 310 scholarly journals from Emerald.