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vendor logo Naxos Music Library       
Vendor: Naxos of America

Naxos Music Library provides online access to an extensive catalog of recordings searchable by composer, artist, period, year of composition, instrument or genre.

vendor logo Naxos Music Library Jazz       
Vendor: Naxos of America

Naxos Music Library Jazz is an invaluable resource for jazz music enthusiasts.

vendor logo Naxos Music Library World       
Vendor: Naxos of America

Naxos Music Library World offers a wide range of World music, from legendary historical musical performances to contemporary world music.

vendor logo Naxos Sheet Music       
Vendor: Naxos of America

The Naxos Sheet Music Library is an online sheet music resource.

vendor logo Naxos Spoken Word Library       
Vendor: Naxos of America

Naxos Spoken Word Library is a comprehensive online collection of audio book material focused on literary classics and educational themes.

vendor logo Naxos Video Library       
Vendor: Naxos of America

The Naxos Video Library is the newest addition to the Naxos suite of products, including major operas, timeless ballets, documentaries and musical tours of historic places.

vendor logo NoodleBib       
Vendor: NoodleTools, Inc.

NoodleBib is a fully-integrated note-taking and documentation program which is anchored in the best practices of academic research and inquiry learning. Known as the most comprehensive and accurate bibliography composer on the Web, NoodleBib includes a note-taking component which enables students to extract, organize and synthesize information that they find during the research process. NoodleBib is a flexible teaching tool which supports both individual learning preferences and a variety of teaching styles.

vendor logo Northeastern University Women Writers Project       
Vendor: Northeastern University Women Writers Project

Women Writers Online (WWO) is a full-text database of pre-Victorian women's writing that contains more than 375 English texts in a broad interdisciplinary range of subjects and genres published between 1526 and 1850.

vendor logo NYTimes.com       
Vendor: Center for Research Libraries

The online version of The Times, at www.nytimes.com, is the most comprehensive existing aggregation of information and content created and published by The New York Times.