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Showing Collection Management Products

vendor logo ProQuest Serials Solutions 360 Core       
Vendor: Serials Solutions (ProQuest)

360 Core is the foundation for your access, management, and assessment services.

vendor logo ProQuest Serials Solutions 360 Link       
Vendor: Serials Solutions (ProQuest)

360 Link provides the most accurate, up-to-date results when searching for specific full-text items in databases and journals.

vendor logo ProQuest Serials Solutions 360 MARC Updates       
Vendor: Serials Solutions (ProQuest)

MARC Updates provides the highest quality and best value for including e-journal and ebook records in your OPAC.

vendor logo ProQuest Serials Solutions 360 Resource Manager       
Vendor: Serials Solutions (ProQuest)

Use 360 Resource Manager to effectively track and control your resources to streamline library workflows.

vendor logo ProQuest Serials Solutions 360 Search       
Vendor: Serials Solutions (ProQuest)

Are your patrons still searching each library resource using its own unique interface? Without a unified search interface to make it easy, patrons often get confused and frustrated, and ultimately abandon the process in favor of popular Web search sites.

vendor logo ProQuest Serials Solutions Intota Assessment E-Resources       
Vendor: Serials Solutions (ProQuest)

360 Counter helps you assess your collection to make better decisions and reduce costs.

vendor logo ProQuest Ulrich's Serials Analysis System       
Vendor: Serials Solutions (ProQuest)

Ulrich's Serials Analysis System helps you identify and maintain a quality, relevant serials collection for your patrons, researchers, and faculty. Whether you are moving your collection from print to electronic format, growing your collection to support new programs, or need to make cuts across your collection, you will find the quantitative and qualitative information about serials and their providers that can help you make informed decisions.