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vendor logo Bibliotheca (Formerly 3M) Detection Systems       
Vendor: Bibliotheca (Formerly 3M)

3M detection systems combines flexibility and style with state-of-the-art technology to help provide excellent detection and reliability.

vendor logo Bibliotheca (Formerly 3M) RFID       
Vendor: Bibliotheca (Formerly 3M)

Enhance the productivity and security benefits of RFID by utilizing industry leading 3M RFID products.

vendor logo Bibliotheca (Formerly 3M) SelfCheck Systems       
Vendor: Bibliotheca (Formerly 3M)

As the inventor of self checkout technology, 3M's SelfCheck portfolio of products leads the industry with many customers achieving self-service usage rates up to 100%.

vendor logo Bibliotheca (Formerly 3M) Tattle-Tape Strips and Accessories       
Vendor: Bibliotheca (Formerly 3M)

3M Tattle-Tape ™ Security Strips offer discreet protection for your entire collection, including magnetic media.

vendor logo Brodart Library Supplies       
Vendor: Brodart

Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings has over 45,000 products to meet the needs of any Library, University or Media Center. Brodart is a name you can trust and has been in business over 65 years, located in heart of Pennsylvania. LYRASIS members receive a 20% discount on all supplies, a 15% discount on all equipment and furniture, and 25% off book jacket covers. A minimum supply order of $100 is required to receive free shipping. Please ask your member representative for the discount code.

vendor logo Digital Transitions       
Vendor: Digital Transitions

Digital Transition's products include cameras, platforms, and imaging software that feature accurate, high resolution digital representations of physical objects, documents, books and more, as well as white glove setup and delivery and highly regarded customer service.

vendor logo Hollinger Metal Edge, Inc.       
Vendor: Hollinger Metal Edge, Inc.

Hollinger Metal Edge, Inc. provides high quality archival and conservation supplies.

vendor logo IRUS-US: Institutional Repository Usage Statistics Service       
Vendor: JISC Services Limited

IRUS-US stands for Institutional Repository Usage Statistics. IRUS-US is a service that provides COUNTER-compliant statistics for collections hosted on institutional repositories (IRs), thereby providing opportunities to demonstrate the value and impact of these repositories both internally and in comparison with other institutions.

vendor logo Mosio for Libraries (formerly Text a Librarian)       
Vendor: Mosio

Mosio has morphed Text a Librarian into an all-in-one (Chat + Email + Text Messaging + Facebook) support tool for libraries, expanding the customer service digital footprint of libraries to mobile phones, tablets and PCs. Mosio enables librarians to respond to patron queries across multiple channels from websites, blogs and electronic resources from a single location.

vendor logo NoodleBib       
Vendor: NoodleTools, Inc.

NoodleBib is a fully-integrated note-taking and documentation program which is anchored in the best practices of academic research and inquiry learning. Known as the most comprehensive and accurate bibliography composer on the Web, NoodleBib includes a note-taking component which enables students to extract, organize and synthesize information that they find during the research process. NoodleBib is a flexible teaching tool which supports both individual learning preferences and a variety of teaching styles.

vendor logo Scannx       
Vendor: Scannx

The Scannx Book ScanCenter family of products feature cloud-based, touchscreen scanning technology integrated with an 11x 17 book-edge flatbed scanner with glass that comes to the beveled edge of the scanner.

vendor logo The Library Store Library Supplies       
Vendor: The Library Store

Various library supplies and furnishings with different discounts are available to LYRASIS members.