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Showing Library/User Services Products

vendor logo DOAB and OAPEN Library Supporter Programs       

Contributing to DOAB and the OAPEN Library provides an opportunity for your institution to invest in the long-term sustainability of open, reliable, and truly global infrastructure services for open access (OA) scholarly books.

vendor logo IRUS-US: Institutional Repository Usage Statistics Service       
Vendor: JISC Services Ltd.

IRUS-US stands for Institutional Repository Usage Statistics. IRUS-US is a service that provides COUNTER-compliant statistics for collections hosted on institutional repositories (IRs), thereby providing opportunities to demonstrate the value and impact of these repositories both internally and in comparison with other institutions.

vendor logo Master Enterprises Digitization Services       
Vendor: Master Enterprises, Inc.

Master Enterprises, Inc. (MEI) performs a variety of data capture and editing services that make digital documents more usable and searchable.

vendor logo NoodleBib       
Vendor: NoodleTools, Inc.

NoodleBib is a fully-integrated note-taking and documentation program which is anchored in the best practices of academic research and inquiry learning. Known as the most comprehensive and accurate bibliography composer on the Web, NoodleBib includes a note-taking component which enables students to extract, organize and synthesize information that they find during the research process. NoodleBib is a flexible teaching tool which supports both individual learning preferences and a variety of teaching styles.

Open Syllabus Analytics: A New Service from Open Syllabus       

Open Syllabus Analytics is a new premium service from the not-for-profit Open Syllabus Project. It combines syllabus archiving with tools for exploring millions of syllabi across the curricula of thousands of colleges and universities. It’s the ‘pro’ version of the Syllabus Explorer, with access to more data, higher resolution views of fields and classes, and more ways to discover and analyze the trends shaping higher education and improve student outcomes.

vendor logo PowerNotes       
Vendor: PowerNotes LLC

PowerNotes is a subscription software service that fills the digital reading and writing void for students by providing a scientifically designed interface on top of all digital sources.

vendor logo ProQuest Serials Solutions 360 Core       
Vendor: ProQuest

360 Core is the foundation for your access, management, and assessment services.

vendor logo ProQuest Serials Solutions 360 Link       
Vendor: ProQuest

360 Link provides the most accurate, up-to-date results when searching for specific full-text items in databases and journals.

vendor logo ProQuest Serials Solutions 360 MARC Updates       
Vendor: ProQuest

MARC Updates provides the highest quality and best value for including e-journal and ebook records in your OPAC.

vendor logo ProQuest Serials Solutions 360 Resource Manager       
Vendor: ProQuest

Use 360 Resource Manager to effectively track and control your resources to streamline library workflows.

vendor logo ProQuest Serials Solutions 360 Search       
Vendor: ProQuest

Are your patrons still searching each library resource using its own unique interface? Without a unified search interface to make it easy, patrons often get confused and frustrated, and ultimately abandon the process in favor of popular Web search sites.

vendor logo ProQuest Ulrich's Serials Analysis System       
Vendor: ProQuest

Ulrich's Serials Analysis System helps you identify and maintain a quality, relevant serials collection for your patrons, researchers, and faculty. Whether you are moving your collection from print to electronic format, growing your collection to support new programs, or need to make cuts across your collection, you will find the quantitative and qualitative information about serials and their providers that can help you make informed decisions.

vendor logo Scannx       
Vendor: Scannx

The Scannx Book ScanCenter family of products feature cloud-based, touchscreen scanning technology integrated with an 11x 17 book-edge flatbed scanner with glass that comes to the beveled edge of the scanner.