​What is OACIP?

The LYRASIS Open Access Community Investment Program (OACIP) is a community-driven framework that enables multiple stakeholders (including funders, institutions, libraries, authors, and editors) to efficiently and strategically evaluate and collectively fund open access content initiatives. The program is designed to:

  • Facilitate an experimental incubation space for emerging open access funding and business models;

  • Centralize the administration and funding of open access initiatives or programs at multiple scales and make transparent to the community at large who is participating in each investment community.

  • Provide a funding hub for more bespoke programs, output from smaller publishers, and niche scholarly output to maintain diversity of scholarship.

  • Enable investors to make principled, data-driven spending or reinvestment decisions and strategically fund individual programs or distribute funds to multiple programs that align with their missions all in one place, increasing efficiencies and convenience.

The Pilot Project

LYRASIS in partnership with Transitioning Society Publications to Open Access (TSPOA) has launched a pilot project to test the viability, scalability, and sustainability of OACIP, by coordinating crowd-sourced investment opportunities for two journals.  This pilot seeks to supply potential investors with publishers’ and editorial boards’ responses to generative investment criteria, so that they can evaluate the propriety of investment relative to how and whether the responses satisfy their investment values and principles.

How to Participate

You can participate by visiting the pages of the following pilot project programs to review the participating journals’ criteria responses, evaluate whether the investment opportunity makes sense for your organization, and commit funds. The investment window is open now through June 2021.

Environmental Humanities is an open access journal published by Duke University Press that is seeking investment for editorial services to support an additional OA journal issue each year for five years.

Combinatorial Theory is a new open access mathematics journal, expecting its first issue in early 2021. It is owned by mathematicians and dedicated to open access publishing, with no fees for authors or readers. The journal is seeking funding to support editorial and software costs each year for five years.

LYRASIS Pilot Partners

LYRASIS Pilot Partners LYRASIS Pilot Partners
LYRASIS Pilot Partners