​What is OACIP?

The Lyrasis Open Access Community Investment Program (OACIP) provides a community-driven framework that enables multiple stakeholders - including academic and public libraries, academic departments, institutions, research centers, museums, and funding agencies - to evaluate and collectively fund Diamond Open Access (OA) journals. The program is designed to be:

  • Sustainable - Investments in OACIP support costs of labor, infrastructure, contingency, and innovation of each journal.
  • Principle-aligned - The OACIP Criteria Form enables investors to make principled spending decisions and strategically fund programs that align with their missions.
  • Inclusive - OACIP provides a hub for Diamond OA content published by nonprofit, academic-led publishers to sustain bibliodiversity, equity, and inclusion of scholarship.
  • Collaborative - OACIP enables an array of communities to share the costs of funding scholarship.
  • Efficient - OACIP centralizes the administration and funding of individual journals or across the entire OACIP portfolio.

How to Participate in OACIP

Step 1: Evaluate the OACIP Journals. Visit the OACIP Journals' webpages or review the 2024 Lyrasis OACIP Catalog to learn more about the journals and read their responses to the OACIP Criteria Form.

Step 2: Consider your organization's capacity for support. There are several ways you can support OACIP:

  • Support Specific OACIP Journals
    • Support one or many individual OACIP Journals; or
    • Support all eight (8) 2024 OACIP Journals through the OACIP All 2024 Journals Bundle
  • Contribute to the OACIP General Fund
    • Contributions to the OACIP General Fund are not dedicated to any one journal. Instead, these contributions are distributed at the end of the campaign to fill any funding gaps.

Go to the OACIP All Journals Bundle and General Fund page to learn more.

Step 3: Complete the OACIP Supporter Information Form. Once you are ready to commit support, complete the 2024 OACIP Supporter Information Form and an OACIP Administrator will be in touch to confirm and finalize your order.

The investment window is open now through December 31, 2024.

2021 – 2023 OACIP Journals

Seeking Funding through 2027


For additional information, please email oacip@lyrasis.org