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About Duke University Press

Duke University Press is dedicated to sharing the ideas of bold, progressive thinkers and to supporting emerging fields of scholarship. They believe that knowledge drives change and that collaborations that nurture equality and diversity help shape the future of scholarly disciplines. Their works foreground underrepresented voices, offering the perspectives of women, the LGBTQ community, indigenous communities, and people of color.

Over a decade ago, Duke University Press was one of the first university presses to experiment with independent e-resource packages, and they continue to be a leader in this realm with the launch of their e-book subject collections and pick-and-choose e-book model. The Press has built and continues to build partnerships throughout the scholarly and library communities in order to maintain their mission as a nonprofit publisher to find, curate, enrich, and disseminate scholarship that is vital to readers working at the forefront of their fields in the humanities, social sciences, and mathematics. The e-resource landscape has evolved rapidly, and Duke University Press is committed to working with libraries to build a flexible and innovative future.

e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection

The e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection includes at least 120 new electronic books published by Duke University Press in the humanities and social sciences.

Current customers of the e-Duke Frontlist will have term access to the titles that were published before the creation of e-Duke Books in 2008. These pre-2008 titles are also available for outright purchase as the e-Duke Books Archive.

What makes e-Duke Books Scholarly Collections unique?
  • Frame and reframe the fields of gender and sexuality studies, foregrounding underrepresented voices from around the world.
  • Foreground underrepresented voices, offering the perspectives of women, the LGBTQ community, indigenous communities, and people of color.
  • Take an intersectional approach to issues of gender, race, and sexual orientation, casting a critical eye on the ways these issues affect every aspect of society.
  • Include many field-defining, award-winning books vital for courses and scholars in the field.
  • Provide innovative new ways of evaluating the role of art in society.

Features of e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection

  • DRM-free: users can print, read online, or download PDFs by chapter
  • Unlimited multiuser access
  • Tiered discounting
  • Perpetual access to purchased content
  • MARC records created by catalogers at Duke University Libraries included at no additional charge
  • COUNTER-compliant usage statistics
  • No ongoing maintenance fees

More information is available at Duke e-Duke Scholarly Books Collection

One-time purchase, with access to backlist titles. Members will have perpetual rights to the titles they purchase, but will lose access to the backlist titles if there is no purchase activities in the future year.

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