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Gale LegalForms offers a wide selection of essential state-specific (and multi-state) legal forms and official and sample documents that may be customized for the most common legal procedures. Using the templates, individuals can create accurate, reliable legal documents specific to their state without stress or uncertainty. Includes real estate contracts, affidavits, wills, premarital agreements, bankruptcy, divorce, landlord tenant, and many others. Many forms can support legal tasks relevant to business owners, such as filing for copyrights, patents and trademarks, articles of incorporation, licenses, and others. The forms are accompanied by Legal Definitions, a Law Digest, and Legal Q&A to ensure clarity. Many of the forms can be used across all 50 states. The database also includes forms and law summaries unique to each state. Forms are mobile responsive and downloadable in Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, and other formats.

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