Duke e-Duke Scholarly Subject Collections

e-Duke Scholarly Subject Collections are smaller subsets of the e-Duke Scholarly Books Collection.

What makes e-Duke Books Scholarly Collections unique?
  • Frame and reframe the fields of gender and sexuality studies, foregrounding underrepresented voices from around the world.
  • Foreground underrepresented voices, offering the perspectives of women, the LGBTQ community, indigenous communities, and people of color.
  • Take an intersectional approach to issues of gender, race, and sexual orientation, casting a critical eye on the ways these issues affect every aspect of society.
  • Include many field-defining, award-winning books vital for courses and scholars in the field.
  • Provide innovative new ways of evaluating the role of art in society.

e-Duke Scholarly Collection Subject Areas Available:
  • NEWThe Art and Art History e-book collection includes over 170 titles that span the discipline, with books in art theory and criticism, performance art, African American art, African and Black Diaspora art, architecture, visual culture, Asian art, Latin American art, Native American and indigenous art, Latinx and Chicanx art, photography, LGBTQ and feminist art, and museum studies.
  • NEWThe Asian Studies e-book collection reflects Duke University Press's continued, interdisciplinary engagement with Asia. The collection includes titles addressing individual Asian countries as well as regional and transnational issues. These books are theoretically rich, engaging with postcolonial theory, anthropology, gender studies, and cultural studies. The collection exists in dialogue with Duke University Press's many Asian studies journals.
  • The Music and Sound Studies e-book collection includes over 120 titles in African studies, African American studies, American studies, anthropology, Asian studies, gender studies, history, Latin American studies, media studies, sociology, and many other fields. The books in this collection address not just music as it is traditionally studied and understood but also the social, cultural, physiological, and technological dimensions of sound more broadly defined.
  • The Religious Studies e-book collection includes over 120 titles that examine religions around the world, conflicts within and among religions, and the cultural, social, and political dynamics of religion.
  • The Gender Studies e-book collection includes nearly 600 essential titles and field-defining scholarship in queer theory, gay and lesbian studies, transgender studies, feminist theory, and women’s studies.
  • The Latin American Studies e-book collection includes over 600 e-books in anthropology, cultural studies, Caribbean studies, Chicanx and Latinx studies, history, literature, film and media, politics, and many other fields, focused on Latin America.

The collections are available through purchase or annual lease.

LYRASIS has negotiated a central license with the best possible terms. Participating institutions placing new orders will be asked to agree to abide by the terms at that time.

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