ProQuest Serials Solutions 360 Core

Vendor: ProQuest

360 Core is the foundation for your access, management, and assessment services

360 Core provides centralized management for accessing and controlling your e-resource collection. Since 360 Core integrates fully with all other 360 services, adding those services can be done easily at any time. The consolidated management of 360 services enables you to improve workflows and reduce workloads. Instead of wrangling data and duplicating processes, you can spend your time providing better access, making more informed decisions, and reducing costs. And because 360 Core is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), you enjoy rapid implementation and lower start-up and operating costs, while our MLS-trained support staff make integrating 360 Core into your daily workflow easy.

A single comprehensive directory of your resources

Powered by Serials Solutions KnowledgeWorks, 360 Core delivers accurate and consistent tools for discovery, access, management, and assessment. Our proprietary data collection and standardization process delivers the most accurate holdings data and best available URLs to 360 Core. You can also add your library’s local holdings, including print and microform, to give your patrons a single comprehensive directory of resources at your institution.

More information is available at ProQuest Serials Solutions 360 Core

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