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Swank Digital Campus' online streaming service provides instant access to thousands of feature films, documentaries, foreign films and TV shows suitable for any academic department, including history, literature, social sciences, health science and more. Swank Digital Campus is a top resource for institutions seeking feature films for academic use. They have exclusive rights to many of Hollywood’s biggest studios, including:
  • Paramount
  • Universal
  • Sony
  • Lionsgate
  • Warner Bros

Swank Digital Campus specializes in providing movie and TV content for academic use to colleges all across the country. Their collection of more than 25,000 titles include classics like “Citizen Kane” and “Psycho,” new releases like “Deepwater Horizon” and “Sully,” documentaries like “Food Inc.” and “Blackfish,” and indie titles like “Suffragette” and “Her.”
LYRASIS discounts apply on two plans:
The Collection Package These pre-selected packages, such as Top Titles, Film Studies and Documentaries, make it easy to quickly grow your library of academic streaming films. You can also create your own customized package.
The Deposit Account Puchase some "to be determined" titles. When a request comes in, Swank Motion Pictures will license it immediately as long as it is part of their current digital library.
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More information is available at Swank Digital Campus

LYRASIS has negotiated a central license with the best possible terms. Participating institutions placing new orders will be asked to agree to abide by the terms at that time.

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