ProQuest Serials Solutions 360 MARC Updates

Vendor: ProQuest

MARC Updates provides the highest quality and best value for including e-journal and ebook records in your OPAC.

Patrons rely on your OPAC to quickly and easily find titles in your collection. With so much of your collection now delivered electronically, the challenge of keeping your OPAC up-to-date and relevant has never been greater. When they use your OPAC, will they find accurate connections to your e-journals? Can they locate the eBooks in your collection?

Keeping up with changes to your content is problematic. Metadata for your e-journals and eBooks often is incomplete or inaccurate and needs to be corrected, thus requiring you to invest time and energy to ensure its accuracy. For example, if you collect MARC records for the same journal from four providers, you’ll have four separate records representing the same title. When you subscribe to 360 MARC Updates, you will receive only one record with links to the four providers. You also will receive accurate and current records for your entire e-collection.

Reduce your workload: Update records using 360 MARC Updates

The 360 MARC Updates service will keep you current with minimal effort by providing monthly content updates. You no longer will need to track or replace existing records as content changes, saving you time and reducing costs.

More information is available at ProQuest Serials Solutions 360 MARC Updates

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