The New York Times has long been available in print form across campuses and in limited ways electronically. The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) has negotiated an inter-consortial offer that provides online access to all students, faculty, and staff at www.nytimes.com. LYRASIS is partnering with the Center for Research Libraries to make this offer available to LYRASIS member libraries.

The New York Times, published in New York City since 1851, is an important source of reporting, information, and opinion, covering politics, finance, health, science, culture, the arts, sports, and fashion in the U.S. and abroad. The online version of The Times, at http://www.nytimes.com is the most comprehensive existing aggregation of information and content created and published by The New York Times. The site includes all articles, features, interviews, obituaries, columns, still image, audio, video, and data, text, and multimedia published on the site since launch in 1996, with the exception of crosswords and some syndicated materials. The gulf between what is published in print and content available on nytimes.com widens with every passing week. The New York Times reports that access to New York Times InEducation is included in the academic site license. In addition, daily limits to access articles published during the years 1923-1980 have been removed by the New York Times.

http://www.nytimes.com content is also enriched by inclusion of longitudinal data from syndicates and data sources such as Thomson Reuters and AccuWeather. For example, interactive charts enable users to view the status and changes in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, and other financial indexes in detail for daily, weekly and in some cases hourly periods between January 1930 and the present day.

For more background and information on the NYT content, features, terms of service and permitted uses, please see the CRL reviews at: http://edesiderata.crl.edu/resources/new-york-times

More information is available at NYTimes.com

Pricing is based on the student FTE and faculty headcount and current, existing subscriptions. Subscription years are either calendar year or "fiscal year," i.e., July 1 - June 30th. All subscriptions will begin on the first or third Monday of a month and end on either the first Sunday in January or July. The NYT provides subscriptions on an exact 52-week cycle (364 days), not a 365-day period. Subscriptions may be pro-rated for the first year.

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