Oxford Dictionaries

Oxford Dictionaries Online is a cutting-edge dictionary, thesaurus, and language reference service.

Oxford Dictionaries Online features full content from Oxford’s largest current English dictionaries and thesauruses, and contains extensive examples of real English usage along with detailed writing, grammar, and spelling support that English classes at any level can use. Covering US, British, and World English, users will have access to the most current meanings and the latest new words through regular updates four times a year. Continuing in Oxford's tradition of publishing authoritative, easy-to-use, comprehensive, up-to-date dictionaries and language reference resources, this resource offers subscribers a wealth of benefits:

  • smart-linked, fully searchable content from Oxford’s largest modern English dictionaries and thesauruses
  • more than 350,000 definitions and 600,000 synonyms and antonyms
  • a vast bank of over 1.9 million example sentences, taken from real English regular updates, so the most current meanings and the latest new words are just a click away
  • 'My Oxford Dictionary’ feature for creating your own profile and saving entries and searches
  • comprehensive coverage of British, US, and World English - with audio pronunciations
  • extensive sections with detailed writing, grammar, and spelling guidance
  • specialist language reference resources for professional writers and editors

More information is available at Oxford Dictionaries

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