Clarivate Analytics Journal of Highly Cited Data

Journal of Highly Cited Dated (formerly Journal Citation Reports) offers a systematic, objective means to critically evaluate the world's leading journals, with quantifiable, statistical information based on citation data.

By compiling articles' cited references, JCD Web helps to measure research influence and impact at the journal and category levels, and shows the relationship between citing and cited journals. It covers more than 8,000 of the world’s most highly cited, peer-reviewed journals. Journals are from 3,300 publishers in approximately 227 disciplines, from 66 countries.

Available in Science and Social Sciences editions. The Sciences Edition covers over 6,500 journals; the Social Sciences Edition covers over 1,900.

More information is available at Clarivate Analytics Journal of Highly Cited Data

3-Year subscription term with annual invoice. Members can subscribe at any time and be prorated.

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