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The Open Library of Humanities (OLH) is a gold open access (OA), peer-reviewed, internationally-supported, academic-led, not-for-profit, mega-journal, multi-journal and books platform for the humanities. It is funded by an international library consortium and so has no author-facing charges.

The OLH works with a small contribution from a large number of libraries covering the costs of publication, crowd-funding for OA content. The OLH thereby offers an extremely cost-effective solution for open access that means that no single institution bears a disproportionate cost. Participating libraries not only invest in a community shared service that would not otherwise be feasible but are also given a governance stake in the project.

The OLH has been internationally recognized as an important development in open access for the humanities and for its innovative business model. There are three components in the platform. The Open Library of Humanities megajournal is a trans-humanities journal, focusing on rigorous peer review and fast publication. Additionally, OLH Journals are existing publications that can join the model subject to approval by the academic and library boards. When journals with other subscription-based or fee-based publishers opt to leave their current providers and join OLH, libraries will see direct savings and a transition to OA. Finally, should OLH achieve the requisite levels of support and if participating libraries wish, OLH has a preliminary agreement to publish a series of open access books in partnership with Cambridge University Press, Harvard University Press, Open Book Publishers and Oxford University Press.

  • Gold open access, peer-reviewed, internationally-supported, academic-led, not-for-profit, journal and books platform for the humanities
  • Initial funding support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Arcadia Fund
  • Funded by library supporters, no author-facing charges
  • Supporting libraries have a governance stake in the project
  • Content will be released under a Creative Commons license
  • Low annual cost to academic libraries, based on FTE
  • Multi-year pledges accepted, payable in a lump sum at the start of the term

The OLH is working with Lyrasis as the exclusive billing partner for North America. Annual costs fees are banded, based on country and size of institution, which means that scholars and institutions worldwide stand to benefit. Universities are also given the opportunity to voluntarily support OLH at a higher membership rate, tiered into bronze, silver, gold, and platinum levels.

Institutional costs can be calculated on the OLH Library partnership fees page here.

Libraries may pledge for a multi-year term, payable in a lump sum at the beginning of the term and may elect to increase the contribution amount listed above. To support OLH, register an institutional pledge.

More information is available at Open Library of Humanities

Libraries may pledge support at any time at

Terms of use are posted on the publisher’s website. No signed license is required.

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