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Providing information on more than 200 countries, Political Handbook of the World 2007 (PHW) is the one-stop source for finding complete, authoritative facts and analysis on each country’s governmental and political makeup.

Political Handbook of the World is renowned for its extensive coverage of major, minor, and anti-systemic political parties in each political system around the world. PHW also provides names of key ambassadors and international memberships of each country, and profiles over 120 intergovernmental organizations. This product is also part of the CQ Political Reference Suite of Online Editions. This comprehensive source for political information has been updated to include coverage of: Election results from countries around the world including Afghanistan, Bolivia, Canada,Comoro Islands, Gabon, Italy, Israel, Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Liberia, Cyprus, Haiti and more Newly formed parties and coalitions in every country including Kenya, Latvia, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Burundi and more Important political activities, foreign policy initiatives, and leadership changes of major and minor parties in every country Updated population figures and economic growth statistics for every country Current issues, crises, and controversies dominating national political agendas, including the nationalization of natural gas and land reform in Bolivia, the pro-democracy uprising in Nepal, civil unrest in France, Iran’s nuclear program, the Hamas government and the Palestinian Authority, the crackdown on pro-democracy groups in Egypt, and much more New intergovernmental organization activities, international conferences, and major programs and institutions run by intergovernmental organizations.

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