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Knowledge Unlatched (KU) makes scholarly content freely available to everyone and contributes to the further development of the Open Access (OA) infrastructure. Their online marketplace provides libraries and institutions worldwide with a central place to support OA collections and models from leading publishing houses and new OA initiatives. With the support of more than 575 libraries and research institutions worldwide, KU transitions monographs and journals in a wide variety of disciplines from paywalled to Open Access content. Additionally, KU offers various tools and services for stakeholders in the OA community.

For 2019, libraries can pledge their support for Knowledge Unlatched and its partner initiatives at the KU website. To stay abreast of all news from KU, register and sign up for the KU Newsletter. Registration does not imply commitment to pledge.

KU Select 2019 Book Collections

  • 391 books available: 174 front list (October 2019-October 2020) and 217 backlist (2008-2018)
  • Full title list available
  • Participation from more than 50 leading scholarly publishers from 5 continents, including university presses, commercial publishers, and Open Access publishers
  • Curated by the KU Selection Committee consisting of 200 librarians
  • Covering subject areas in the Humanities and Social Sciences as well as within the Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine subject areas
  • Creative Commons licences - hosted by the Open Research Library, OAPEN, JSTOR and MUSEOpen and preserved by Portico
  • Content discoverable via various systems including OCLC Worldcat, the Internet Archive, EBSCO, ProQuest/Ex Libris
  • High Quality MARC Records will be provided by OCLC

About the book collection
Titles in the KU Select 2019 Book Collections have been specially selected to represent a broad range of specialist research books, Most of our titles are monographs, though also included are a few edited collections and backlist titles as supplementary course content.

Why contribute?
Your participation supports an ever-growing number of institutions that are using acquisitions funds to make HSS and STEM book titles Open Access. This model benefits both individual libraries and the wider community, by providing access to scholarly books for every reader across the world. There are a number of additional benefits for libraries:

  • Enables libraries to contribute to fulfilling OA mandates in certain territories
  • Flexible offering – pick and choose from available options
  • Quarterly usage reports to show the real impact of OA publishing
  • DRM-free titles
  • High-quality MARC records for better discoverability
  • 35% discount on purchases of other formats from publishers in recognition of KU participation
  • Involvement with the creation of future collections by taking part in the KU Selection Committee

Prices of the HSS Book Collection
Pledge your participation for $59 per HSS frontlist book and $14.75 per HSS backlist book, by selecting either:

  • Full pledge: The complete KU Select 2019 HSS Books Collection of 343 titles (both frontlist and backlist) - with a minimum pledge of 90% of the total cost
  • Front list only: The KU Select 2019 HSS front list collection of 151 titles - with a minimum pledge of 90% of the total cost

Prices of the STEM Book Collection
Pledge your participation for $88.50 per STEM frontlist book and $14.75 per STEM backlist book, by selecting either:

  • Full pledge: The complete KU Select 2019 STEM Books Collection of 48 titles (both frontlist and backlist) - with a minimum pledge of 90% of the total cost
  • Front list only: The KU Select 2019 STEM front list collection of 23 titles - with a minimum pledge of 90% of the total cost

Tiered Pricing – KU Select 2019 HSS & STEM Book Collections
For institutions in the US and Canada, tiered pricing is available for your regions. See table below for US institutions and visit the pricing on the KU website for Canada.

Carnegie Classification
Basic 2018
KU Tier Discount on KU Select 2019 Book Collections Full KU Select 2019 HSS Books Collection Price Front-list Only KU Select 2019 HSS Books Collection Price Full KU Select 2019 STEM Books Collection Price Front-list Only KU Select 2019 STEM Books Collection Price
Doctoral Universities: Very High Research Activity (15);

Doctoral Universities: High Research Activity (16)
1 Full Price $11,740 $8,910 $2,395 $2,025
Master's Colleges & Universities: Larger Programs (18);

Baccalaureate Colleges: Arts & Sciences Focus (21)
2 25% Discount $8,755 $6,645 $1,795 $1,520
Doctoral/Professional Universities (17);

Master's Colleges & Universities: Medium Programs (19);

Master's Colleges & Universities: Small Programs (20)
3 50% Discount $5,875.30 $4,454.50 $1,195 $1,012
All other classifications
(remaining Baccalaureate, Associate, other two- & four-year schools, 1-14, 22-33)
4 75% Discount $2,937.65 $2,227.25 $600 $506.25

Other KU Offers and Partnerships:

  • Luminos (University of California Press): Membership fees are used to directly cover the costs of publishing approximately 45 titles per year, with any surplus added to an author waiver fund to support authors.
  • The Open Research Library: ORL will include OA book content worldwide on one platform for user-friendly discovery, offering a seamless experience navigating more than 20,000 peer-reviewed OA books. Libraries investing in ORL contribute to the development of a dedicated infrastructure for the global research community, while participating libraries have the opportunity to benefit from a set of exclusive services.
  • Routledge African Studies: Together with KU, Routledge aims to publish a range of books on all sub-disciplines of African and African diaspora studies as OA, making them freely available and accessible to all.
  • Routledge Gender Studies: Routledge Gender Studies is a newly established list building on the Routledge's strengths and prestige of publishing important authors such as Judith Butler and Bell Hooks. The list provides global cutting-edge research on hot topics such as LGBTQ rights, Post-Colonialism and Feminist Pedagogy.
  • IntechOpen Engineering: Together with IntechOpen, one of the leading providers of OA academic books, KU formed a partnership to support researchers working in engineering. Over the next three years, they will publish around 255 open access books in the engineering sciences.
  • IntechOpen Physics: IntechOpen and KU plan to make about 255 front-list books in the field of Physics available OA.
  • KU Romance Studies: With the international publishers Peter Lang, DeGruyter, and Vervuert, KU is forming a collection of books in Romance studies, 36 titles which are to be published between 2019 and 2021 available as OA.
  • Morressier: KU is supporting Morressier in its strategy to be the foundation for early-stage research. The platform creates a digital place where science is discovered, disseminated and elevated – and where new signals in research first come to light.
  • HAU Books: HAU Books is the book publishing wing of the Society for EthnographicTheory (SET), a learned society. SET is a non-profit initiative, committed to publishing the most distinguished texts in classics and advanced anthropological theory. The SET has completed a diligent restructuring to further professionalize its society for an OA future.

More information is available at Knowledge Unlatched

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