Facts on File World Almanac for Kids

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Erasing the line between homework support and fun exploration, The World Almanac® for Kids Online expands on the contents of The World Almanac® for Kids print edition, along with other award-winning reference books from World Almanac®, Chelsea House, and Facts On File. A natural complement to the curriculum, each subject area provides resources for homework, reports, and projects. Kids can explore grade-appropriate topics while developing online research skills with a trusted content source.

Subject modules include:

  • Animals: Articles and videos on more than 100 mammals, aquatic life, and reptiles and amphibians. Includes information on anatomy, physiology, feeding, hunting, and endangered species status, with a variety of fun facts about these interesting creatures.
  • Career Ideas: More than 175 careers and jobs in 12 key categories. Includes career overviews, resources to explore potential careers, and pro?les of real-life professionals, plus video features and fun facts.
  • Countries of the World: More than 190 nations with details on population, industries, major cities, geography, and national history—plus video features, fun facts, maps, ? ags, and images.
  • The 50 States: Details and fun facts on all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, including population, climate, industries, local history, landmarks, and famous personalities.
  • Reader’s Corner: Budding bookworms can discover books in a particular genre, by well-known authors, or that are bestsellers, ALA recommendations, and prestigious award winners. Plus fun facts about how The World Almanac® for Kids book is produced, how to make your own book, pen names of famous writers, and much more!
  • Space and the Solar System: Information detailing the plants, dwarf planets, and other celestial bodies that make up our solar system, plus a section on the history of space exploration, and fun facts about the moon, sun, stars, and much more.
  • U.S. Presidents: Biographical information on all 44 presidents, from George Washington to Barack Obama. Fun facts include information on ?rst ladies, as well as trivia about the presidency.


  • Fun facts
  • Image and video galleries
  • Interactive games and quizzes
  • Search Assist technology and kid-friendly search results
  • Homework Help tools
  • Ability to make notes on saved items
  • Persistent record links
  • Dynamic citations in MLA and Chicago Manual of Style formats

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